Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dreams of Silver and Grey

Dreams of Silver and Grey

On mountaintops you dwell,
Heart of my heart,
In distant skies
Dreamt by no Dreamer.

In the coldest light
And fiery darkness,
I lock away all this pain
That reminds me of another day.

Crazy oaths of lost meaning
And dead rituals by which they're sworn,
Lay safe in a place not yet born
The religions of future's past.

Castle walls built of blood,
Heros' split in vain defense,
Surrounding cemeteries of unborn thoughts
And the saddest secrets of them all.

By way of despair or hope
The richest beggars and penniless princes
Journey to edge of Chaos
Where madness laughs from out of the Void.

©2013 by NAO


I finally wrote something again. I have no idea what it means, but at least I wrote something again.