Saturday, June 29, 2013


Every creation myth I have ever heard, from ancient myths of the Greeks or Persians or Hebrew or any other ancient culture, straight through to the big bang theory of modern science claims that in fact something can be created from nothing, or something always existed.

In many of the old myths some god slays some older being to form the earth, or the earth might form itself. The gods might be born of some earlier entity for which we are left wondering how it was born. It seems to me that people have always struggled with the where things began.No one can remember their own birth or what happened before they were born so the idea that there was always something or someone around Before seems natural.

Yet I find it interesting that in every myth there was always some step before humans came about. Instinctively we seem to know that we were not the beginning. That the earth and heavens existed before us and will continue to exist after us. That the animals and plants and gods were all there before we came about.

Even in science we acknowledge that there was evolution before humanity came about.And we have no way of knowing what happened before the big bang because time in this universe didn't even start until the big bang so there can be no concept of before that instance. And I have heard that in quantum physics at the minuscule levels that it deals with particles of matter can literally pop into existence out of nothing.

So I think it's safe to say that to the human mind something has always and will always exist. I've talked before about my search for nothing and have utterly failed to prove that nothing exists. I'm still quite confident that nothing does exist but am at a complete loss on how or where to find it.

So as I see it there are only two options. Either something has always existed, or if there was a time when there was only nothing, something can be created from nothing. Now I just have to figure out the nature of something. At the rate I'm going I'm going to die of old age long before I can ever prove that I exist.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cruel Fate

O' Cruel Fates! 
How you torture me with hopes, 
Moments of happiness teased from my dreams, 
Just to dash them on the stones of misfortune.

To be lost eternal in this fog, 
Brought down upon me by deeds nefarious,
The evil sinews of my heart twisted, 
With no tears shed by the heavens.

O' Lamb of Innocence, 
Was thine maker mine? 
By this blackmail does he try to bind
And gain my supplication?

How can one be true to one’s own heart,
When one’s heart is twisted and torn,
Laid broken at your feet
And trampled by your negligent artifice.

6/8/2013 NAO

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dreams of Silver and Grey

Dreams of Silver and Grey

On mountaintops you dwell,
Heart of my heart,
In distant skies
Dreamt by no Dreamer.

In the coldest light
And fiery darkness,
I lock away all this pain
That reminds me of another day.

Crazy oaths of lost meaning
And dead rituals by which they're sworn,
Lay safe in a place not yet born
The religions of future's past.

Castle walls built of blood,
Heros' split in vain defense,
Surrounding cemeteries of unborn thoughts
And the saddest secrets of them all.

By way of despair or hope
The richest beggars and penniless princes
Journey to edge of Chaos
Where madness laughs from out of the Void.

©2013 by NAO


I finally wrote something again. I have no idea what it means, but at least I wrote something again.