Friday, November 19, 2010

Descent Into Madness

Falling forever into my fears
In this dark pit
That is my mind
A giant blackhole
Where I know not
Which way is up
And which is down

And as I float in a river
Of my own blood
I wonder what happened
To the boy who loved to play in sun
And why I am now condemned
To this eternal darkness
That is my curse

And as I choke and drown
In a pool of my sins
I see a light, an image
Of a boy playing in the sun
And as my eyes forever close
I see the happiness in his eyes
And with my last breathe of life
I whisper "What happened to me?"


I wrote this back in highschool. I used to have it all memorized and would recite it to myself as I would walk home from school. If I ever knew what I meant with these words I have long sense forgotten them. I remember this was one of my favorites of my old poems.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You often hear theories about parallel dimensions or parallel universes, but I ask you why do they have to be parallel? defines parallel as: extending in the same direction, equidistant at all points, and never converging or diverging.

But why must these other dimensions or universes never converge? Why must they always be equal distance apart? I have heard a theory that says that ghosts and aliens are just beings from other dimensions that manage to travel to or effect this universe in some unknown way.

Anyway I have spent some time trying to figure out what a perpendicular universe would be like as opposed to a parallel one. A parallel universe would be easy, it would be almost exactly like this one. A perpendicular universe would be at right angles to this universe. What would that mean?

Or what of a tangent universe, where it touches our universe at only one spot. If Einstein was right about space-time, does that mean a tangent universe only touches one spot of space-time and therefore is identical to our universe, in that one spot at least, for just an instance, or is that one spot the same in both universes throughout all eternity?

If you were standing in a spot where two or more universes converged would you be able to tell the difference? Would you suddenly have the knowledge and memories of your other selves, assuming you had other selves in those universes.

In a parallel universe its relatively safe to assume that there would be a parallel you living a parallel life. But what of a tangent universe? Would there be a tangent you that only resembled you for that one instance?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 5 classical elements that make of the universe: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, & Spirit.

Of these Fire and Water oppose each other, as do Air and Earth. So what is Spirit opposing?

Each culture seemed to have its own list but said list usually had 4 or 5 elements. I propose a more complex system. Still we have Earth/Air, Fire/Water, & Spirit(life). But we had in the opposing elements of Light and Shadow, and the opposing element of Spirit, Death. And in my philosophy death is actually a rebirth & reincarnation, so for those that the idea of Death as an element maybe we could say Rebirth, but that sounds less in opposition to Spirit.

So in my outlook on the universe there are 8 elements that form everything. Sometimes they work together to create things and sometimes they oppose each other. The important thing to remember always is balance. The Universe always seeks balance in the long run.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

While driving to work today I got an idea for a story. It's not a story I'm ever going to write. And really I guess it's more of a screen play idea. The basic plot is already written by the great wordsmith himself, William Shakespeare. The idea is this: lesbian Romeo & Juliet between an out of the closet goth girl and bi-curious popular cheerleader type. I've been out of high school for awhile so maybe the stereotypes need to change or something but I think you get the idea. Instead for warring families you have factions of tolerant vs intolerant peers and fighting between the cliques that all high schools seem to have. Of course you could make the same story between gay men instead of women. But personally I'd rather see it as women.

And truth be told I'm sure it has already been done somewhere. I mean people of been ripping off Shakespeare since he started writing. Of course I once watched a show talking about how there is a theory that Shakespeare didn't actually write his plays, but I can never remember the name of the guy whom this theory says did write them for him. I think it's part of the movie Shakespeare in Love, but I've never actually seen that movie so I have no idea. If not part of the movie the guy's name is mention. I remember he supposedly died but the theory holds that he faked his death and fled the country to escape paying is gambling debts or some such.