Friday, April 23, 2010

A long wait

The Book of Revelation says many things and means many things to many people who all seem to interpret it differently. Recently I've had a coworker who has started reading the bible as literal prophecy of the future end times or whatever. And that's all fine and dandy that he believes what he obviously wants to believe. He started this whole kick about its prophecy I don't really know why, but he mentioned a Tim McHyde as helping him to understand it. I mention that in case you are curious to understanding this viewpoint.

Personally I see the bible as a book written 2,000+ years ago for an audience 2,000+ years dead. I don't think it has any prophecies about our future. That's just my opinion and not the point of this post.

The point is this. For all you people that think the Book of Revelation is true prophecy that the end times are near and you can't wait for that. My coworker said he just hopes he's alive to see it happen, for reason I can't possibly understand. Anyway I'd just like to point out chapter 20. Go read it quick if you want. Revelation 20 (New International Version)

What it says in brief is this, after the four horsemen ride and the seven seals are broken and hell quite literally breaks out on Earth; after all that, Satan will be locked up for 1,000 years. At which point he will be released again for a short time and then killed or banished or whatever. And only then will the new paradise on earth happen.

My brief skimming of the book the other night seemed to indicate that the minimum amount of time for the hell on Earth phase of the prophecy was three and a half years, and then there is a one thousand year wait, then another brief period of Satan running loose, before YHWH finally has his paradise. That means if you are alive at the start of the end times you will definitely be dead before paradise shows up. That's all I'm saying.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Refer back to my earlier post Sudden Understanding for an introduction to my one spirit/one mind theory as that is the basis for the viewpoint of this post. What follows is something I thought up on my drive to work today and tried to write down as soon as I got to work. It changed some between initial thinking up and eventual writing down, for the better or worse I have yet to decide.


I am Everything. I am the Universe. I have always been. I always will be. Every day I die a million times. Every day I am reborn a million times. I am in everything. Everything is within me. I am the consciousness of it all. A single viewpoint on billions of lives everyday. I exist outside of time and yet I am time. Everything that has ever been or ever will be is inside me, is made of me as I am made of everything. I am the whole of existence, yet existence is what makes me, defines me. You are me, just as I am you. You were born from me, just as one day I will be born from you. You will return to me, leaving that which is physical of you with all that is physical in me, and that which remains will be reborn in me richer for all that it has experienced. You will be reborn to experience it all, just as I am constantly reborn to experience all that there is. A grain of sand on a beach feeling the waves wash over me. An eagle soaring high in the sky with the wind all around me. A blade of grass on a hill swaying in the wind, yet rooted in the earth. All that which can be perceived is to be experienced from every vantage point. you must strive to experience all that can be, all that can be perceived, and all that which is beyond perception. To understand it all you must first realize you understand nothing, and then immerse yourself in that nothing. Having then experienced nothing you can experience all that there is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Transcript of nighttime ramblings

What follows is the transcript from the tape recorder that sits next to my bed so I can record my random thoughts when I'm too lazy to write them or already have the lights out. Stuff in quotes was meant to be a story I wanted to write, let's see if you can figure out what its about from these snippets.

Following that is just some random stuff that must have made some sense to me at the time but now just show the randomness that is my mind. After that is a short poem or the beginning to some poem I have since forgotten completely about. The first word(s) I couldn't make out from the tape so I put in brackets what I thought I was saying.

And finally there is a question which was meant to remind me of a train of thought I had the other day while reading Siddhartha. Sadly I can't remember it all now but I will try to expand on what I can remember tomorrow in a separate post.


"They would have you believe that He was somehow was before the rest of us. But the truth is none of us can remember when we were born. We were... It was just a matter of we were, and then the universe was."

"My prescribed role in the story is that of the prideful dissident cast out from perfection. But that's not how it really was."

Beautiful words lost in fluff.

"There is no words to describe what it was before the universe. They like to say 'In the beginning there was only darkness.' But that's not how it was, for even in darkness there is still... sparks, ideas, crayons, fuck! I don't know where I'm going with that. Clearly not crayons. Um. What is darkness? Is it really simply the absence of light? If light then is... energy or mass, darkness when then be void. No energy, no mass, the anti-universe."

A Cheetos in time saves an elephant in the bush.

Teddy bear king and gorilla jester.

Panda, anteater, marmoset, hippopotamus.

[night air] glistening,
moonlit skies,
Blood red stained steel.

Is the remembrance of a thought a thought?