Sunday, August 30, 2009

Explosion of intelligence

"Mitochondrial DNA and fossil evidence indicates that modern humans evolved in east Africa about 200,000 years ago." -Wikipedia entry for human.

"The last glacial period was the most recent glacial period within the current ice age, occurring in the Pleistocene epoch. It began about 110,000 years ago and ended about 9,600 - 9,700 BC. During this period there were several changes between glacier advance and retreat." -Wikipedia entry for "last glacial period", the last ice age.

Look at the technology that exists around you, the computer you are sitting at. Chances are most of it didn't really exist when you were born, not in its current stage anyway. In our single generation we have taken many steps forward in technology.

Look at what they said about technology 100 years ago, 200 years ago. Think about how far we have come in just the last couple of centuries. Written history stretches back maybe 5000 years or so, I'm too lazy to go look that up because it's not important to what I'm trying to say.

So apparently it took us roughly 4000 years from the ice age to figure out writing, and over the next 5000 years we get everything else we see around us. The question I've always had is why did it take us 195,000 years to figure out writing, yet only 5000 years to go from writing to computers?

My answering theory for this question is we had 90,000 years to evolve technology and cultures and then the ice age wiped it all away. My believe is if humans really have been around for 200,000 years then we have hit our current level of culture and technology at least once before and then something happened to take it all away from us.

Glaciers are good at scrubbing the surface of the earth clean that could have easily destroyed evidence of previous cultures. Areas not erased by glaciers were mostly topical and looking at Mayan ruins tells you just how quickly topical rain forests can swallow up and hide evidence of cultures in those areas.

Now let's look back at our technology. Do you know how to build a TV? Or how to network computers over long distances to form the Internet? Can you make a light bulb? How about a match or candle? If something were to happen to the top like 5% of the population that actually knows all the theory behind all of today's technology what would happen to humans in general?

We'd survive first off. Humans are creative adaptive animals that always seems to find a way to survive whatever gets thrown at us. But much of our knowledge would soon be lost. Our technology would start to breakdown and the people that knew how to fix or replace it would be gone. So we would fall back on old technology that is easier to figure out. When people forget how to make a gun and gunpowder and bullets the idea of bows and arrows or even more simply thrown weapons and clubs would have to take over for hunting.

So what technology might a previous human culture have had before the ice age that we have forgotten?

Ugh stupid brain is failing me

So for the last few days while I was at work or some how otherwise away from my computer I thought up a post that I wanted to make. But every time I get to my computer to write it up I've forgotten what I wanted to post. And worse couldn't think of anything else to even say. Thus I have not posted anything for a few days, though I've been replying to comments on old post to keep new content up all the same. So today is just a short post and hopefully tomorrow everything will click back into place in my head and I will have new and interesting posts to write for you to read.

And feel free to leave me a comment on any topics you might want to see me tackle. No promises that I will get to the topic quickly though. Especially if I have to do any research on the subject first.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting a bum rap

I had avoided this topic, though I have wanted to cover it a few times now, as not to offend any potential readers. Today sucked for me so I really don't care anymore. And if you find offense in what is to follow I think maybe you need to open your mind some more and stop looking at the world through such narrow focus, and above all else start thinking for yourself and stop just believing the propaganda they have been filling your head with your entire live.

The serpent in the garden of Eden:

Get yourself a bible and read very closely Genesis 3. I'll wait don't worry.

OK now read it again and look at these verses: Genesis 3:1-6, & 13

How exactly did the serpent beguile the woman, whom has not been named yet I'd like to point out for no particular reason? The serpent asked the woman a question, received her answer and then made a true statement. And yet tradition has us believing that the serpent is the devil and deceived and tricked Eve into eating the apple, though the bible never actually says apple.

You know who I noticed lies in this story? God. Don't believe me that God lies? Take a look back at Genesis 2:17 "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. " Yet both Adam and Eve eat from that tree and survive.

Seems to me that God is the liar and deceiver of this story not the serpent and yet the serpent gets cursed by God. Genesis 3:14-15 "And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. "

It seems to me that God is punishing the serpent for doing no real wrong. After all the text doesn't say anything about the serpent eating from that tree or even telling Eve to eat from it. All the serpent did was point out God's lie.

Now the question is why did God lie about it in the first place. The text gives an interesting clue in Genesis 3:22 "And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever."

So who is God talking to? This is another of those interesting points in the bible where God says "us" seemingly talking about other beings of equal standing as God. I also find it interesting to note that God never forbade Adam from eating from the tree of life and only worried about it after he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is at this part of the story that humans get kicked out of the garden and angels get posted to guard the garden with a flaming sword. God most really be worried about immortal humans with the knowledge of good and evil and how that would make us just like him.

Anyway please feel free to comment and tell me how I have it all wrong or whatever. But as far as I can tell from reading the text available God is a liar and the serpent got a bum rap.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tale of the Rooster and the Dragon

One day a farmer was out working in his field and saw a dragon fly overhead. "Oh no," the farmer said, "the dragon will burn all my fields and eat all my livestock and I will surely starve this winter." Just then the rooster came up to the farmer and said, "Worry not sir. If you would let me eat half of your fields I would grow big and strong and be able to fight off the dragon and you will still have half of your fields and your all your livestock so you won't starve this winter."

So the farmer let the rooster eat half of his fields and the rooster grew big and strong. And when the dragon fly over the farm the rooster fought with it and defeated the dragon like he said he would. "Hooray," the farmer cheered, "The dragon is defeated and he didn't burn my fields and eat all my livestock, so I won't starve this winter."

"Foolish farmer," the dragon said, "Had you simply asked me I would have told you I never would have burned your fields and ate your livestock. You never had to worry about starving because of me. But now you have this giant rooster to feed and surely its too big for you to feed now that half of your fields are already gone. Surely you will starve this winter now because you will not be able to take care of the rooster now."

The End

So what's the moral of this story?

To know the future

People for all of human history have probably made claims at being able to tell the future by different means. I've always liked tarot cards myself as they have a visual cue that I can look at. But be it reading runes or tea leaves or lines of the palm people have been predicting the future for a long time. But is it really possible?

Sure, I could go into a long talk about predestination versus free will here but that would be boring. Its all been said before, so if your interested go read what smarter people than me have said about it. Personally I have strove for some middle ground between fate and free will. Some events are just going to happen no matter the choices made leading up to them. To me having certain fated events in no way lessens my free will for the rest of the majority of events.

So then in my grey world of having both destiny and free will can the future be predicted? Well I haven't a clue. I like to think of it as more predicting possible outcomes based on likely choices. Or as a sign to help choose which way to go from a difficult decision. I often do a tarot card reading or, more recently, read the runes to see what I might gather from what ever makes those things work, be it some mystical force or just random chance. And quite often I am surprised at how closely related the cards or the runes that come up seem to apply to the situation at hand. Sure its possible its all just some random coincidence, or maybe me reading into what I want more than whats simply there. And there is a lot to be said about the general vagueness of such readings. Still often times they seem to apply in some small amount that helps me in some small way.

And then there are times I just trust myself to chance or fate. More often then not when faced with a decision about what to do in a situation that is not too serious I merely flip a coin and go with what it says. Well to be honest I usually do a best two out of three. No sense in trusting completely to random chance, when an outcome of two or three flips of the coin adds a hint more of probability to it. Or maybe that's all imagined and something I just tell myself to ease my conscious.

Mostly I just try to keep my eyes open for signs from my goddess. It's my believe that she watches out for me and tries to illuminate the best path through life for me, but it's up to me to see the signs she gives to know which way I should go. Of course if you are not careful you will start to see signs and symbols in everything and then it becomes near impossible to figure out what to do. Its a fine line between "something" and crazy. Not really sure how to define that something at the moment, but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The sun will come up tomorrow

Some scientist would tell you that the sun has risen everyday in the earth sky for some 4.5 billion years or some such since the earth was first formed. They go on to say that it will continue to rise every day for the next few thousands or millions of years until it burns out and dies or explodes or whatever theory they have for what next stage of life the sun will go into. I have apparently been alive some ten thousand days and the sun has risen every day that I can remember. But does that really mean it will be there when I wake up tomorrow? Just because something has always happened a certain way, does that mean it will continue to happen in that way?

Let's say you flip a coin five times and it comes up heads every time. Does that mean the sixth flip will also be heads? The tenth flip? The hundredth? Probability says its still just a 50/50 chance each flip no matter the pattern that has been set up in the past. And lets not forget the highly unlucky but still potentially possible outcome of the coin landing on its edge. I have never seen it happen and I doubt many of you have either, but that doesn't change the possibility that it might still do that at some point in the future.

I prefer to view the multiverse as full of possibility. That quite literally anything that might possibly be true is true somewhere in the multiverse, just not necessarily true in this universe. There might be some universe out there where dogs have purple fur and bat wings as just one crazy sounding idea. Or more simply there might be a universe where everyone is right handed and no one has ever thought of trying to do things with their left hand that they have always done with their right hand. Is that so crazy? Maybe but its still a possibility out there somewhere beyond our current understanding of the way things work.

So I say to you this, just because everyone that has lived before me has at some point died does that some how negate the possibility that I will be the first to live forever? Just because the pattern has been set for thousands of years does that mean I have to blindly follow it? There is always the possibility, no matter how small a probability it might be, that with in my lifetime something will happen to cause it to be that I will live forever.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Transdimensional self

What if there are more dimensions than the three we see, and I don't mean time? Are brains can't comprehend them really and its hard to visualize what it might be like, but what if there was a fourth dimension or a fifth or even a hundredth? Would we exist in all these dimensions as a one dimensional dot exists in our three dimensional world? What might we look like and what might we think that our three dimensional brain doesn't have access to?

I have for a long time held to a believe that everybody has a sort of guardian angel that watches over us. I say sort of guardian angel becomes I don't mean to invoke any of the religious connotations from the use of the word angel, just the idea of a sentient being that is some how personally attached to each of us and passes us little messages of advice and warnings of danger or whatever.

Anyway recently I've started to wonder if our guardian angels might actually be ourselves but in a form beyond that of our three dimensional bodies. What if we exist in the higher dimensions in such a way that our conscious three dimensional minds are unaware of? If so would it not behoove our higher dimensional selves to look out for our lower dimensional selves? Pass on what ever knowledge it can gain from its higher vantage point down to us at this level.

This all sounds crazy I know. It makes no sense, not even to me. It was just an idea I had that I haven't figure out how to wrap my head around yet. Or if its even worth bothering to. Maybe I should just scrap it here and move on to thinking about other things. Anyway there it is. If it makes sense to you in anyway or sparks something within you please leave a comment and let me know.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I feel that the public school system in America is pretty much a bad joke. Especially the after No Child Left Behind. Since that law came into being more and more schools are just teaching to the test for fear of losing funding. And tell me what sense does it really make to cut funding to a school that is not performing up to standards? Is less money to pay the teachers going to make them teach harder? Is less money to buy new text books or perform general maintenance on the facilities going to some how miraculously improve the ability of the students to learn?

Why is the federal government involved with local schools at all? Shouldn't funding for local schools be the responsibility of that community? Shouldn't the standard that schools are held up to be the state or local communities job to set?

Personally I think that my education wasn't bad, but it could have been way better. Now some of that has to do with my own lack of interest in doing the work in my youth to really learn. But a lot of it also had to do with the school's tendency to hire coaches who also happened to teach instead of teachers that happened to coach. I remember one teacher that was only in the school for one year. He was worthless as a teacher and worthless as a coach too I guess, but I didn't pay attention to girls basketball so I don't know for sure. Anyway after he left the rumor was he was fired, not for being a bad teacher, but because the as a coach the girls basketball team didn't perform up to par. What kind of example does that show the kids he's teaching or coaching?

Now another problem I have is do I want to send my kids, assuming I ever have any, to a private school, where I am more confident in the level of teaching, or to a public school, where it will undoubtedly be cheaper and they will better learn the more social aspect that is the unwritten education you receive at a public school. There is the option of home schooling where I could teach them or hire a tutor to teach to my standards but then they will definitely lose out on social education.

One of my biggest problems with public schools is the way they teach American history. They teach an almost hero worship of the founding fathers like they never did any wrong and were some how super human. They gloss over most of the negative aspects of our history to try to paint a picture of us always being right and #1 and the rest of the world always being wrong and inferior to us. I blame the Cold War and the mentality of the 1950's. Maybe it wasn't really the '50s but it seems like a good decade to blame. I"m not completely sure what I mean by the phrase mentality of the 1950's but I'm sure some people will understand what I mean and the rest will just think I'm being crazy as always.

Anyway I have rambled enough about nothing for tonight. Please leave a comment on your own feelings if you want and maybe when I'm being more coherent I can explain farther what I mean by something or expand on some of my comments here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt"

- Capt. John Joseph Yossarian, Catch-22

I was going to say something witty here. Talk about what happens when we die and the after life and all that. But I'm tired and I don't believe in an after life. Reincarnation is more to my liking. I have oft said I want to come back as a rock as I have lots to learn about patience. To me the aesthetics of reincarnation are just better than the idea of an after life. Besides reincarnation fits with my one spirit one mind concept I talked about in my "Sudden understanding?" post a few days ago, where the idea of an after life doesn't fit with that design. Its 4am and I'm tired. If you want me to expand on this topic leave a comment and lets discuss it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I wanted to do a post on how much of the world we really see. I did a Google search first and came up with an informative article:
and and interesting demonstration:
Be sure to watch the video when he says to and not read on or it will ruin everything. And probably doing this before reading the first article will help since this demonstration is talked about in the article, but this was the order I found them so its the order I pass them on too.

Anyway I was still disappointed that I couldn't find in my quick search a number, a percentage of the world around us we routinely ignore. I once read or heard something about how our brains only process about 10%-30% of the information our five senses are throwing at it constantly. Even when we close our eyes they still feed information to the brain. I was hoping to find an article that gave that percentage but I didn't so I have no idea if those numbers that I thought I had read or heard are the true numbers scientists doing such experiments might claim.

I'm left wondering what it is around me that my eyes are seeing that my brain isn't telling me about. Or what my ears are hearing that my brain doesn't interpret. And of course that leads me to wonder why it is that I see myself as being separate from my body and its parts? But that is a discussion for another day I think.

The other thing I'm left wondering is how much of the world that I see is reality and how much is just an illusion fabricated by my brain? Personally its my believe that we see very little of the reality around us and that our brains just feel in the rest with what we think we see or it remembers ought to be there and the like. The brain creates an illusion of reality around us because to truly see everything around us would overload our minds. So what is it that we don't see, and is our brain protecting us from that which might drive us mad or hindering our advancement by not showing us whats really out there? Or does it just hide minor details of texture and color and shading as unimportant and not worthy of being noticed and that accounts for all the overlooked data flowing into our brains from our eyes?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A pack of dumb animals.

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." -Kay, Men In Black (1997)

Ever notice how when you get a big group of people together the intelligence level of everybody drops down to around the level of the dumbest person in the group? Okay maybe that's an exaggeration, but it does seem to me that the more people you group together the dumber people start to get. I got no witty comments or theories today. Just found myself thinking of that line and felt like sharing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sudden understanding?

I have never before managed to put the following ideas into such concise and coherent, at least I hope its coherent, words before. So while I had not planned to post these ideas for some time, if ever, having this sudden new understanding of them I feel its time to share them. I know it won't all make sense to people. But this is a starting point from which I can build a greater coherency, at least that's my hope. So here goes...

Body, animated by Spirit, observed by the Mind, and controlled by the Soul.

The body is physical matter. The Spirit is an infinite energy that creates all matter and gives live to all of the universe. The Mind is the consciousness that observes the world and strives to understand it all. The Soul is the moral center that controls our actions.

Do I have a soul? Do I have to earn it some how? If so how? Who judges my actions and awards me a soul?

There is only one spirit and only one mind that exists throughout all time and space, self-replicated infinitely to create all the universe. A single particle that makes up all the particles of an atom and all atoms of the universe simultaneously. "My" mind is only a part of the whole striving for understanding from this vantage point for this time frame. When it is over it moves on to another time and place and strives there.

What is it trying to understand? Is that how I earn a soul? Is there then only one soul?
The idea behind the soul is when you die it lives on for eternity on some higher plane of existence.

Does the one spirit/one mind earn multiple souls to thus populate the higher plane of existence with?

At the moment of the Big Bang all matter and energy that ever was, or ever will be, existed in a single point, the one spirit. Laws of thermodynamics state that energy is neither created or destroyed but conserved.

Is the one spirit infinite? Are we still in that moment of the Big Bang?

With a devil on my shoulder

I had planned a short discussion on a theory of mine that I've been working on about guardian angels and trans-dimensional existence, but I think it needs to wait a little longer to formulate in the furnace of my brain. Instead I want to throw out a little idea I've recently thought of.

Genesis 1:26 (King James Version) "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

Let's ignore for the moment one of the times God says "our" like there are others like God that God is talking to and instead look at what it might actually mean to be made in God's image and with God's likeness. I would think that means God is a bipedal hominid if we are made in God's image, if that is in fact referencing our physical shape, which I can only conclude it does.

But that still leaves God's likeness and what exactly that means. I know this has probably been debated for centuries and I'm too lazy to bother looking up what greater minds than mine have come up with over that span of time. Personally I think God's likeness is our curiosity and drive to explore and to understand the world around us. I think of God as a scientist conducting an experiment and as subjects of this experiment we were given some of the same curiosity that caused this scientist God to conduct the experiment. The nature of the experiment would be impossible to say but given the reaction to the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil I would personally venture forth the idea that the experiment is about god creation, and the nature of being God.

Now as people who know me know I am not a religious person, and I put no faith in the story of creation personally. But I do like asking "what if...?" Like what if God doesn't know how He came into being anymore than humans know how we did, and He is in search of that answer as so many of us humans are about ourselves? What if the reason we are here is just so that God can figure out why He is where He is?

I had more I had planned to say in this post but I think I will hold off for now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A tree falls in the woods...

Now pure physics will tell you that if there was no one there to hear it that no it doesn't make a sound, because sound is something the nerves in the ear and the brain creates from vibrations in the air, so if there was ear and brain near by to sense those vibrations there was no sound. And once again science misses the point entirely, though I think the scientist that came up with that explanation was just being a smart ass.

The philosopher that first came up with the question, first apparently worded it a lot longer because wikipedia ( even paraphrased it instead of giving the full thing, and second asked did it actually fall, not did it make a sound, and that I feel brings up interesting questions about the nature of reality.

If I observe a room with a single object on a pedestal, lets say a flower pot, and then leave the room, and no one else was in the room, does that flower pot still exist on that pedestal? If you were to go into that room and look for it would you see the same flower pot on a the same pedestal? Would it still be in the same room, in the same spot, or would your brain interpret the sensations it gets from the room differently and see a different flower pot on a different pedestal?

Let's say we get into a debate about what we perceived in the room and the placement and color of the flower pot, so we which go back separately and together to observe the room, and each time come away with the opinion that we are right and the other person say the room wrongly? Is it not possible that the two of us standing in the same room could see the same room differently?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a genius!!

Okay, not really. I just wanted to talk about intelligence today and felt like that would be a good way to start it off.

Some quick and brief Internet research tells me none of the great minds of the ages have been able to really agree on a good definition for intelligence. That's okay with me because I really don't care how its defined. The greatest flaw with defining intelligence is that the people that try think they are intelligent.

People have for so long been told we are the end all, be all of existence on this planet. That there has never been anything as smart and adaptable as us on this planet, and some would say in the rest of the universe. Personally I think we are a bunch of idiots that deluded ourselves into thinking we are smart.

How intelligent is it for us to destroy the environment around us and make it unlivable? Or to start wars and kill each other over any number of fabricated issues? Humans think they are smarter than the animals and all the while forget that they are an animal too. And as far as I'm concerned one of the dumbest animals out there. I could say more but I don't feel like it for now. Maybe another day, or in reply to comments if someone wants to disagree with me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I didn't post anything yesterday. Yesterday was a bad day. It didn't start out that way mind you. It only got bad once I got to work. And seen I didn't feel like writing another rant I left everything unsaid. Now I'm trying to focus on the good things from yesterday. I got to chat with a couple of friends I haven't chatted with for awhile. I got motivated to look for someplace new to live. I thought Washington sounded good, the state not the city. I never want to live on the east coast. Just a matter of personal preference, nothing against the people there. I like to be in an area where the wilderness is still wild and I just feel that I'm not going to find that as easily on the east coast.

In the relatively brief looking I did I found a couple of jobs I might be able to apply for, but they would mean taking a cut in pay. In fact leaving my current job to go anywhere will probably mean taking a pay cut. Say what I will about the stupid managers there and stuff, they pay me pretty well for what little amount of work I actually have to do.

The one thing that sucks about Washington, and about half of the rest of the country, is that its not a right to work state. Iowa is a right to work state, meaning I can't be forced to join a union just to be able to do certain jobs. Now I don't want to start a debate about unions and whether they are good or bad or outdated, but my own recent experience with unions tells me I want to stay out of them in the future if at all possible.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Now I'm a loner by nature. I like to be by myself for long stretches of time, and go weeks without talking to people outside of work and a short list of friends. I could easily pack up my stuff and move to a new location without really missing most of the people I'd leave behind.

But all that being said I wish I felt like I belonged to a community. I think that is one of the greatest downfalls of the last few decades. So many people have stopped belonging to the community around them and now we are all our own little isolated islands of humanity. And humans are natural pack animals. We are at our best when we are surrounded by people we care about and whom care about us.

In a true community we wouldn't need things like government welfare programs because your neighbors would come forward and help you out if you were struggling, because that's what people do when they have strong sense of community. They help each other out fore if even one person in a community is suffering they all suffer because they all care about each other.

I crave so much to find a community I could call home. But I'm afraid there is no community of like minded people for me. Or maybe I've just been a loner for so long I'm afraid to find a place where I truly fit in. Would finding such a place mean everything up to that point had been a waste?

I'm not real sure what this post is suppose to convey but its what I felt like I had to say tonight.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Life in shades of gray

Okay, so I slacked off yesterday and didn't get around to this like I had wanted to. As I said a few days ago I want to write about how I don't live in a world of black and white and what that means. Most people believe in a world of black and white, where some things are always right and other things are always wrong.

The quickest example of what I mean by this is: "Thou shall not kill." Now I'm not getting into a religious debate about the ten commandments. Its just a fun way of pointing out that most people believe it is always wrong to kill another person no matter the reasons. To which my first response is always, "What if I'm a soldier in a war? Is it still wrong for me to kill another person, if that person is an enemy to my nation and is trying to do it harm?" Or on a more personal level, "If some one breaks into my house intent on doing harm to my family, is it still wrong for me to kill them to defend myself and my family if that is the only way I can stop them?"

Now every one has to make up their own minds to answer these questions. I have no interest in forcing my answers upon you as though I have the right answer for everyone. What I am trying to point out is that while it may be wrong to kill a person 99% of the time, that still leaves 1% of the time were it may, and I would like to stress that may, be not only reasonable but the right thing to do in that situation.

Situational ethics I believe its called. But whatever you call it, to me there is never one right action that is always 100% right in 100% situation. Just like there is never a wrong action that is always wrong in all situations. All actions depend upon the variables of the situation. And ultimately its up to one's own morality to choose what he or she feels is the right thing to do in a given situation.

So given my belief that all actions should be judged within the context of the situation for which they happened, I do not agree with the modern legal system, or any historical legal systems that I've heard of for that matter, as it prescribes to the idea that certain things are always wrong no matter what the situation. Now I know its suppose to fall to a judge or jury to judge not only the actions but the intent behind those actions, but to me it seems like people have forgotten this and look at merely the actions, or sadly it so often seems that juries decide a person's fate based on totally unrelated things like the color of a person's skin or other prejudices that have no bearing on the situation.

So does that mean I don't believe there should be any laws? No. I believe that laws are a good thing, but like all things can be twisted so that what was meant to be good and meant to protect people can instead do harm and destroy the lives and happiness of the people it was suppose to protect. I believe that juries need to be better educated about their responsibilities as deciders of a person's fate. That is a heavy responsibility that to many seem to take to lightly. I believe laws should be written with more wiggle room for judges and juries to take in the variables of the situation and not merely judge a person on the action itself. Is stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving child the same illegal act as stealing a person's belongings to sell for drug money or personal gain?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So a fat dude walks into a bar...

Short rant today as I'm lazy. What's wrong with "chick drinks?" So tonight was the last night for one of my coworkers on 2nd shift before he goes to first shift next week, that traitor!! Just kidding. So a few of us went out to the bar after work. I ordered a bottle of Woodchuck Draft Cider when I saw they had it for mostly sentimental reasons. Being made from apples and apple juice instead of from wheat or barley this apparently doesn't count as a "Mans' Beer" and a couple of the guys made some jokes about me drinking a chick beer. All I've got to say on the matter is this, most beer taste nasty and I don't drink it. Most "chick drinks" I've ever had taste good. I'm sorry but if I'm paying for something to drink I want it to taste good and be drinkable and that rules out 90% of the beers in American bars. If that some how makes me less of a man than I just have to say I'm glad I'm smarter than 90% of American men.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Coming soon: Living in a gray world

I meant to write about this tonight but I'm to tired to think clearly enough to make it understandable, so tomorrow or some time this weekend I'll write it up. Some people live in a world of black and white. I do not. I'll tell you what I mean by that when I get around to writing. Until then have a nice day.

Never thought about it before

But why is it that no matter the culture or the language someone speaks a smile is the same to all people? Everybody across the whole planet recognizes a smile and knows that the smiler is happy. Laughter too is the same all of the planet even if the humor behind it is different. Everything else about cultures and languages might be different but laughter and a smile are universally known. People from different cultures might not know how to respond to these cues depending on the situation but they would at least recognize. Or at least it seems that way to mean. But what do I know, I've never left the comfort of my own culture before.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Deja Vu

So I don't know about you guys but I get feelings have deja vu all the time. Its usually about nothing. Tonight at work there were a few of us standing around talking about something and they way everybody was standing and the topic and, for me this is always the key, the specific words all seemed to have happened before. I've always wished that my feelings of deja vu would some how warn me of something, or hint at something bigger than the ordinary everyday things that seem to be going on at the time, but the problem is I never know a deja vu moment is about to happen until its already started and most of the time it only last a few seconds at most.

Though there was the time almost 8 years ago now that I had a 3 hour long deja vu moment and I seriously questioned my sanity. It happened the first night I went to a student group I was interested in while I was a student at Iowa State. So I was surrounded by people I didn't know and knew everything they were going to say all night right before they said it, and the moment didn't end there. After the meeting was done I went for a long walk with one of my friends and for most of that walk I knew what he was going to say before he said it even though it was about stuff we had never talked about before that night.

To farther make me think I was crazy I think that was the night I was writing an email to one of my teachers from high school and it was long enough that I had to scroll up and down to proof read it and I swear every time I scrolled up or down the words off screen changed all on their own. Complete mostly grammatically correct sentences were maintained and the general meaning of the sentences stay mostly the same, but the words used to express the ideas had changed from what I had remembered typing. I went back up and down the email several times reading it and every time it was changed yet again. It was a thoroughly scary event, the closest I've come to truly being terrified I think.

One thing I wish I could check on but I know of no way of doing it would be to check how close to September 11th that night had been, since it was the fall of 2001 when it happened. Given the general schedule of events that lead up to I'd have to say it was a couple of weeks after, but I can't be sure.

I would like to pause here and say that I do not now, nor have I ever taken drugs except what the doctor prescribe me, and back then I never went to the doctor. Even to this day I only go to the doctor when I have something I think needs antibiotics to clear out of my system, so to my knowledge I have never willingly taken any forms of hallucinogens or other illegal narcotics.

Anyway back to my deja vu. I almost never remember my dreams for more than a few minutes after waking up. But every moment of deja vu I get the feeling that I had dreamt it at some time in the past. And most of the time the deja vu moments come complete with me either thinking or saying out loud, "Wow, deja vu!" So there have been times, I think, where I have awoke from my dream with the only part that I can remember for those first few seconds being me thinking, "Wow, deja vu!" and I'm left wondering how long it will be before I get to live through the events I just dreamt, but already the events themselves have been erased from my memory until the event happens and I am suddenly living life with an echo, knowing what will happen just moments before it actually does.

My deja vu feelings have helped me form my views on the nature of time, especially the non-linearity of time. So quite simply my opinion is that I somehow dream the future, my brain can't comprehend it so ignores it, until the event I dreamed starts to happen, at which time my brain drags up the memory of the dream and goes "See here it is. Wow, deja vu!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh Gentle Rabbit

Wet cat in the night
Tumbling downward
Stairway to nothing
Chant your misery

Winding, winding down
Into the darkness I creep
Winding, winding down
Shadows of shadows in a lightless room

Scream out your rage and pain
Gentle rabbit caught in the hunters gaze
Mask your pain and run away
Out into the night so cold

Roof top to roof top he wanders
Peeking in on lives not his
Happy faces with smiles wide
Sing out your joy Oh gentle rabbit.

Til death do us part

Something I've been thinking about for years, and came up for a bit at work tonight, is marriage and how here in the United States we have sort of lost what exactly it means to be married. I always hear and see these huge outcries against same-sex marriages, but rarely or never hear any outcries at the steadily climbing divorce rate in this country, and maybe that's just the media's fault for covering one more than the other for ratings. For the record my stance on the matter is any two people who love each other should be able to get married, not matter their sex. Just like it is my believe that two people that stopped loving each other, and might down right hate each other, have the right to not be forced to live together until death just because of some ancient traditions. The rather radical idea I've proposed on a few occasions at work and among some friends is that marriage should be a 5 year contract that you can keep renewing or let dissolve at the end of its original term. So basically you get married, you live together for a few years, and if you find out you can no longer stand each other you go your separate ways after 5 years.

Now some might argue that this is destroying the sanctity of marriage. To which I would remind them that in our modern culture marriage is something licensed by the state, and has little to nothing to do with its religious origins. For those that want to maintain these supposed sanctity of marriage and get married by their church and hold it til death do they part if they wish and all the more power to them if they can manage a long happy marriage, but as far as the state is concerned its just a contract that none the less. A contract that says your partner has certain rights and that you are taxed differently. The spiritual meaning behind marriage was long ago stripped away, if it was indeed ever really there. Look at how those in power have always through out history had extramarital affairs. Look at how celebrities will get married and divorced so quickly that they might have multiple spouses in the same year.

Now the true argument that foils my idea of short term marriages is what about children of that marriage and the splitting of common property at the end of the contract term. To this I have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer, but in until I do the current divorce setup should be able to handle the problems. Though I know the current methods with divorce court can be rather lengthy and messy and really in the best interest of no one but the lawyers involved.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rain rain go away

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

In what furnace was thy brain?

Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war.

I could go on but I still don't know what it is that I'm trying to say. We are taught things in school but rarely told why, yet they constantly ask us why we answer questions in certain ways. Parents and older siblings always hate when a kid constantly asks "Why?" and yet I remember time and time again teachers asking me why or to explain my answer. They try to teach us to think and yet they always knock our feet from under us for thinking the wrong things or thinking things differently then they wanted us to think. Or maybe that's just faulty memories. I don't know. Maybe I want to be able to demonize them because I hated school. I love learning new things but hated they way they tried to teach me. I hated being told I had to learn this but couldn't learn that.

I hated this tread no more than when they tried to get me to explain what a poet meant by his words. I loved the way words would just flow. I didn't care what certain words were supposed to mean or what feelings those words were supposed to spark inside me. When I wrote I never cared if people understood my words or felt what I felt when I wrote them. I just wrote the words that flowed through my mind. Their meaning unimportant to anyone but me. I wrote to control the flood of emotions that were in me at the time. To let it all out in ways that would not break me or the things around me. And maybe later I will post some of those old poems just for the hell of it, since Geocities is taking down or as already taken down my site where they all used to be. Words of pain and confusion and darkness mostly, being a teenager when most of them were written, and not very popular to boot. Anyway this seems like enough for now. Enjoy chaos and randomness. Its good to let yourself go crazy every once in a while and let it all out of your system before something inside you snaps.

Taking the lazy way out again

I can't think of anything new to blog about today so I'm stealing some of my philosophical stuff I wrote last year when I was trying to collect all my thoughts and believes into actual writings. So here you go, just a few of my thoughts on reality. Please feel free to comment.

What is reality? Is it what we sense with our senses? What we smell, taste, touch, hear and see? Then according to all current science then reality is just electrical pulses firing in the neurons of our brains. And not only that, but science tells us that our brains are only processing a small fraction of the information overload that our senses are feeding it every second of our lives. And if reality is just these electrical pulses then when we dream and our neurons are still firing away and our brain is interpreting our dreams are our dreams any less real of a reality than the world we perceive during our waking hours?

Does every being capable of perceiving the world around it create its own reality? Or is there just one true reality that we all share? What is the reality of a fish or a dog? What is the reality of a deaf or blind person? Can a deaf person dream sounds and not understand them or know how to perceive them? Or a blind dreaming sights and colors and not have the understanding of a person that sees to be able to interpret the dreams?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Currently working on

So I'm currently working on a short story about a vampire, except I don't know yet if its a horror, romance, or detective story. I have three different ideas where to go with the next part of the story, each one of the aforementioned genres, but I don't yet know which I want to go with and which will take the story in a direction that I can finish. To be truthful I guess I should say its a short story with a vampire. It could be about the vampire, his victim or the hunter after him depending on which of the ideas I go with. My current idea, once I can convince myself to take the time to write again, is to write three parts, one for each idea, and see which seems to work the best or spark the most creativity in me. Any ideas on which way I should go is much appreciated.

And my other project is a werewolf novel, but I want to go somewhere new with werewolves. I've been going over werewolf lore online and reading some of the novels I have featuring werewolves trying to solidify in my mind what werewolves are and some of the storylines that have already been covered. I have been trying to pin down what traits I want my werewolves to have and cover how one becomes a werewolf in my story world. And then there is the issue of do I want to place the story in this world and have to cover how they wolves have stayed in hiding all this time, or place it in some fantasy world, and with this decision comes the one covering what other fantasical creatures to populate the world with. I mean if werewolves are real in my story why wouldn't vampires and demons and faeries and all the rest be real too? So decisions to be made and I have to even get to dreaming up a plot for this story yet. Being a writer is so much work, especially when I'm lazy and easily distracted as I am. Any ideas are welcome.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Since it seems to be Time Sunday

So I don't watch much TV anymore preferring to listen to music and play games and the like. But today I decided to turn on my TV and see what was on the Science channel and History channel and similar channels, which tend to be my favorite channels as there is almost always something on them to learn from. And on the Science channel today I am bombarded by show after show about time. Shows about biological clocks inside our bodies and how our body does things better or worse as the time of day changes, and shows about what exactly time is and how do we know what time it is. So in honor to this theme of the day I decided to post some of my believes on time that I wrote down about a year ago for what was going to be a collection of my believes and theories of the world and everything, which seems to be what this blog is now accomplishing for me. So here you go.

People think that time is linear – flowing from the start of the universe some time long ago in the past and flowing to the eventual end of the universe some time in the distant future, or on a more personal level starting at the birth or first memories and flowing on until their eventual death.
I don’t believe this at all. I see time as a vast ocean. On the surface are many waves that could be thought of representing various “time lines,” a different wave for each possibility that exists in the universe. We are like surfers merely riding the waves along an otherwise apparently straight line.
But what if there were some way to hop from one wave to another? Would you be in a different time, A different world? Would you be a different person? Would there be a different version of you already existing in the timeline represented by that wave? And what of the fish and other creatures that may exist beneath the ways, completely surrounded by time in all directions and capable of moving in any direction on their way through time? Or the birds in the air above existing outside of time completely and capable of observing vast stretches of time and possibilities with a mere glance.
In this particular analogy, with a classically view of the spiritual world, the birds would be like gods while the I feel like the fish would be like souls or spirits, but that particular analogy goes against some of my other thoughts on the nature of reality and life however convenient it is for a quick understanding of this concept of time.

Most people can go about their entire lives without ever stopping to wonder what time really is. They think it merely exists and flows as they have always seen it do, one moment flowing into the next and then the next with no interruption. But what is time really made up of? How can you define the exact moment of time a moment takes up? I long ago thought about for humans all time is measured in days. It’s the easiest unit of time to observe. The sun rises to start the day and sets to end it making a single universal understanding of how long a day is for all humans on Earth. Then for their own convenience humans divided the day into hours and minutes and seconds and created clocks to be able to tell them what time of day or night it is in this artificial system of time they created since there is no way to exactly say a second or minute passed from just observing nature. Humans then also observed other trends for longer periods of time. The cycles of the moon gave birth to months and the cycle of the seasons gave birth to the year. And humans couldn't help but split these units up and clump them together either. Months got divided into weeks while years got clumped into further artificial creations of decades and centuries and so on. Much evidence seems to suggest that calendars were first invented to keep track of planting and harvesting times, and religious holidays which are themselves probably invented originally for appeasing the agricultural and nature gods for the purpose of getting a better harvest, or a better hunt for those cultures based on hunting more so than farming. Time has become an integral part of human life but I’m left wondering do animals notice the passage of time? Do they care about anything beyond night and day and migration or mating season when it comes to telling time?

So you think you're smart

So I just have one thing to say: Einstein was wrong! Don't believe me, look him up and you can easily find a whole list of his mistakes. So why does this matter? Well some people seem to have got it in their heads that he was somehow super-human and infallible and that all his theories are scientific facts and laws when in fact they aren't. Some of his theories I don't think can be proven or disproven with our current technology. So why does any of that matter? Well I'm just tired of everybody thinking that just because his theories say nothing moves faster than light and that the speed of light is constant that it is in fact true. Neither of these things have be proven to my knowledge and I read a short article just the other day about at least one scientist saying he had an experiment to show that the speed of light isn't constant. Just wish I could remember where I read it or if this article said any one else had managed to duplicate his results from said experiment.

My personal belief on the matter is that light is not the fastest, that its speed is not constant and while I'm at it, I hate this space-time crap and gravity somehow bending said stupid space-time. Do I have better theories? No, but I'm not a physicist so why should I? I'm just saying I'm tired of everyone not even stopping to question if maybe he was wrong and its about time people doubted him a little and actual put his theories to the test.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I know nothing, ...

and willing to teach you to know nothing to for only 3 easy payments of...

Just kidding folks. I am a firm believer that all knowledge, whether it be true or false, should be free. For how can we ever educate ourselves if we apply a price to that which has no inherit value or mass. Knowledge, if it does exist, has no physical shape or size. Much like our supposed souls, we can't point and say "There is where pure knowledge is." Sure we can point to a book that contains knowledge, but that knowledge is not pure. Its written down in a language and one most know that language to be able to access that knowledge. Pure knowledge to my mind exists only in thought, and what is thought? As best as I can define thought is a series of electrical impulses inside my brain that form a certain pattern and excite certain feelings and mannerisms in me. A thought is not a physical thing though. It exist in some other realm with our minds, which I distinguish from brains as brains are physical and minds are not, and our souls, if we do indeed have them, which will be a discussion for another day my friends, or as I prefer, our spirits. Wow that was a long confusing sentence, which I'm sure is full of grammatical errors, but I hated grammar in school.

Anyway back to the point. It is my belief, which I like to think of as knowledge without proof, that thoughts exist in the mind, which along with the spirit resides in another realm separate from the physical one we see, touch, taste, hear, and feel. So basically our senses perceive the world, rather falsely and incompletely I belief but that too is a discussion for another day, our brains interpret these sensations, and in some manner that smarter men and women than me must figure out if they so choose, those sensations get translated to the mind where we then think about what we sense. Have I lost you yet, because I think I managed to lose myself there for a moment.

So knowledge is an element of this other realm along with the spirit and mind, which puts it in the realm of that which we can not sense in any conventional way. So what does it take to "know" anything? How can I "think" that I actually "know" anything? Can I even trust Descartes's "Cogito ergo sum," or "I think, therefore I am" for you non Latin readers? Can I say with any certainty that I exist, or is that merely a comforting belief that I have to not drive myself insane?

OK, I think I have confused you and myself enough for one night.