Friday, July 31, 2009

Something philosophical maybe

Here is how I look at good and evil, which I personally don't think exist in the way that most people look at it. I don't think that the world is so much good vs. evil as people see it, but order vs. chaos. And I don't agree with the chaos equals evil and order equals good viewpoint that so many people seem to think of it as. Chaos is both good and evil, order is both good and evil, nature is capable of both good and evil, because honestly good and evil are human constructions and frames of mind. The way I see it perfect order existed before everything was created. Perfect order is the void, is vast nothingness. Everything is in its place when there is nothing and a non-place to put it. The Big Bang or God or whatever happened and BOOM!!! Chaos and STUFF went flying everywhere. Now the universe is stuck trying to sort out all this stuff and find a place for everything if there is ever going to be order, but once that happens everything is in its place and no longer moving. Once nothing is moving the whole universe is dead. Motion equals life, stillness equals death. Life is chaos.

But hey what do I know?

This comes from a conversation I had with a friend a few days ago. I've edited it for easier reading and cleaned up the grammar and spelling and language a bit to make it more friendly to the general public since I have yet to tell this hosting site to put up that little adult content warning that asks if you are 18 or not.

Another day another dollar

OK so I am really trying at this blog everyday thing but I just never have anything I want to say when I get to the time to write my blog. Maybe I should set aside a time early in my day, like before work, or even first thing upon getting home. But when I first get home I am hungry and want to get something to eat and then there are the Facebook games I still play, just 3 now instead of the dozens I used to. Too many were exactly the same but with different names and artwork and really all lose their appeal after awhile but I keep setting goals to get just a little farther in them. But maybe that time would be better put to use thinking instead of mindless entertainment such games offer.

One thing I did want to say was a short rant about politic games in everyday life. Personally I'm sick of it. Got to play nice with this person or they will stab you in the back to that person or try to get you fired or whatever. Got to suck up to this person to get the new job opening even though you aren't really qualified for it or whatever. Anyway this all stems from the fact that one of the most lazy worthless employees at work was made union steward. Is that really what our union is all about? Is that why I'm paying my dues every month? So lazy worthless people can get ahead just because they are buddies with the new president? Not that I wanted it or anything mind you. Its just the principle of the matter. Of course I don't want to be in the union anymore anyway. Not sure now if I ever really wanted into it but I had my reasons at the time.

Anyway its late and I'm tired. I'll try to put up something worth reading tomorrow. Hopefully no more rants from me for awhile either. An advertise!! I still haven't told anyone about this but like two people. I need more readers to motivate me or something. Anyway bed time for silly me. Laters all.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK so I had a boring night at work and just want to throw out a quick rant about stupid managers. The other day our boss, who is actually pretty cool told us that the 1st shift managers, in all there infinite stupidity, are complaining about our productivity being down. Now without going into all the details of recent changes at work let me just say that these same managers put into place a system of stockpiling passing products at certain stages of testing, and thus not moving them on to the next step just yet, thus making our productivity going down because not all the product is moving anymore. Add to this the fact that our production rate is down from what it used to be because customer demands are currently down. So just to clear everything up for people that actually have common sense, we have less product coming through the system and we are having to hold small amounts back at certain points (for no good reason mind you) and the stupid people in charge who should see all this because it was all their doing are complaining about our productivity being down. WE HAVE NO PRODUCTS TO WORK ON for half our shift most of the time, or if we do what is there we leave 3rd shift nothing to do. God I wish I worked at a company that didn't have an over abundance of worthless managers. End rant (for now).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First post

Not real sure what all I will be putting here. Maybe tidbits of philosophy, maybe some scraps of poems and stories, maybe just random rants about the world. For now its jsut going to be this short post so I can go get other stuff done. The real world calls and I can ignore it no longer.