Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cruel Fate

O' Cruel Fates! 
How you torture me with hopes, 
Moments of happiness teased from my dreams, 
Just to dash them on the stones of misfortune.

To be lost eternal in this fog, 
Brought down upon me by deeds nefarious,
The evil sinews of my heart twisted, 
With no tears shed by the heavens.

O' Lamb of Innocence, 
Was thine maker mine? 
By this blackmail does he try to bind
And gain my supplication?

How can one be true to one’s own heart,
When one’s heart is twisted and torn,
Laid broken at your feet
And trampled by your negligent artifice.

6/8/2013 NAO

This one is a little weird. I know what I meant and was thinking about, however it got away from me all the same. I don't think the flow is really there. And maybe I tried a little too hard with some of my phrasings. Anyway I'm still happy to have wrote something again.

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