Saturday, February 4, 2012

A plethora of ideas

Ok, in the last ten minutes or so I came up with about 3 different ideas for blog posts, so before I forget them I'm going to post a little upcoming posts post to let you know what I plan to talk about in the near future as well as to remind me of these ideas in case I forget between now and then.
The first idea is sex is good, or more broadly that pleasure is not evil. The second idea is that the soul is god, or more closely that the soul, god, and the universe can never be fully understood. The third idea is already forgotten! See even trying to write things down right away I forget them. Oh wait, bringing up my labels reminded me what the third idea is. It is that reincarnation is like lock picking, keep trying a new key until you eventually unlock the gates of heaven.
Ok, now I just have to find the time to flesh out these ideas. Oh and I have a couple of home projects I might be working on in the near future that I will tell you about as I work on them.

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