Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear dinosaurs

This is a letter to the MPAA and the RIAA and any other such organization that is trying to censor the Internet to protect their own greedy designs. You are all dinosaurs and you are becoming extinct. There is an entire generation growing up with the idea that the Internet is a place of free exchange of information and you can't stop that. The digital age is here and you have to adapt your business model to it. You can not adapt the Internet to your stone age ways. If you can't figure out a way to profit in the digital age then it looks like you won't be making money. Once your cash flow dries up you can't afford to pay those lobbyists to bribe governments into doing what you want and censor the Internet.

Not only that but every time you try you are just encouraging people to no longer use your services. I recently watched a documentary about the MPAA trying to shut down the torrent site The Pirate's Bay. After they did that and it got into the news, The Pirate's Bay site went back online and had even more visitors than ever before. When I was hearing about all the cases where the RIAA was suing people for downloading music for free instead of paying them, I stopped buying music. There are plenty of ways to listen to music for free and legally. The radio still exists, and Pandora. Plus I hardly listen to any of my old CDs anymore anyway, why should I buy new ones? Same goes for my DVDs. I rarely sit down to watch them anymore. Might as well just rent them from Redbox when I do want to watch one. Netflix can kiss my ass! But that's another issue.

The fact is the Internet is here to stay. Free exchange of the information on the Internet is here to stay. You can't change these things. There is an entire generation of kids growing up thinking that its their right to download what they want for free, and whether that's right or wrong, they are going to outnumber you someday and they will get their way. People will continue to make movies and music because it's what they like to do, even if they have to give it away for free one the Internet. The question is can your business model evolve with the coming age or will your business go extinct like the dinosaurs?

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  1. I have but one thing to say to this, sir... BRAVO! :) (it would have been amen, but that seemed somehow wrong)