Sunday, July 24, 2011

The ethics of punishment in a predestined world.

Is it possible to see the future? And if so does that mean the future is already written, or are we merely seeing a possible future? If there is a being that can foresee the future with 100% certainty than future events must already be written, there is no free will. And if there is no free will, should we be held accountable for our actions, because we are merely living the life that was predestined for us? If that is the case than the only ethical thing to do is release all prisoners and tear down the prisons, because if criminals didn't have free will to choose to commit the crime, how is it fair to punish them for living the life that was predestined for them?

These questions have been in the back of my head for weeks, if not months, now. The only reason I haven't asked them before is that I was hoping to expand on the ideas a bit more first, but nothing is coming to me. The problem I think is I don't believe in 100% predestination.  I believe that there are just some certain events that are fixed in the probability matrix and have to happen, but that for the most part the daily lives of people are left to chaos and free will. As for what I mean by probability matrix, I'll just have to get back to you on that. The term just sort of came to me as I was typing it so it doesn't have any real thought behind it yet.

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