Monday, July 25, 2011

A dark grey world

People like to think it's a black and white world. You have the good guys and the bad guys. Good versus Evil. But that's not how I see the world. The truth is if there were any superheroes left I'm not sure they would bother trying to save this dump. I'm no superhero. I'm just a guy. A guy that comes out here night after night trying to do what's right. Many have labeled me a vigilante. They say I'm no better than the scum I sweep off these streets every night. Maybe their right. But I bet they still sleep easier knowing there is one less criminal loose on the street.
The opening monologue to some dark, gritty, twisted comic book or comic book based action movie. To bad I know absolutely nothing about this comic book hero that's giving the monologue. If I did I'm sure I could whip up a few storylines and try to sell the idea to Marvel or DC.

Oh and for the record, when he says "scum I sweep off the streets," he actual means dead bodies he leaves for the police to clean up. This guy really isn't any better than the criminals he's removing from the streets, hence the it's not a black and white world. This guy is clearly psychotic and thinks he's doing the world a favor by killing whatever low lifes he can get his hands on, or bullets into, whatever the case may be. It's hard to label him a "bad guy" when he's going around removing the threat other bad men present, but can you really label him one of the "good guys?"

Someone I know told me not to logn ago he had this theory about how all of America's heros are criminals. I'll let him talk about it if he so chooses. But it did give me something to think about. If he's right with that theory, what does that say about our society? I can't say this post came about from thinking about that, but it did remind me of it.


  1. Sounds a lot like rorsach from the watchmen

  2. Yeah it does. i was kind of thinking about him as I wrote it I think. I just rewatched that movie yesterday too. I'm going to give the graphic novel a chance one of these days too.