Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Well about a week ago a stomach virus got me. I spent about 30 hours feeling very nauseous and exhausted, along with about 48 hours of fever. The worst part was it hit me when I was about to go to sleep after a day of work. During the whole illness I got never quite get more than a series of naps that didn't make me feel any more rested.

Why do I tell you about this? Well because there was one very interesting experience through it. That totally exhausted but unable to get restive sleep state I was in meant my dreams and reality blended in odd ways. Firstly let me say I had been playing Fallout 3 in the days before my illness struck and for some unknown reason I started to think about the movie City of Ember. Now both these things involve escaping from an underground settlement. So my exhausted, feverish mind really dug itself into this idea of being trapped in an underground settlement.

I can't tell you the overall story my mind constructed in these dreams, but even as I was crawling in and out of bed for whatever reason, I just couldn't stop thinking about. I'm not sure what exactly I thought of it, or if I truly knew the difference between my dreams and reality at that point even though when I was awake I was aware I wasn't underground. It made for an interesting day until my stomach settled enough to be able to get some true restful sleep. All I can remember for sure was there were different factions fighting for control of the settlement, and for light. There was a big squabble over lighting the main cavern.

The other odd thing was the name Sesshomaru. The name kept popping up but I can't say for certain I ever stumbled across this character in the story, or who's side he was on. The whole time I was aware the name came from an anime show I'd seen in the past. At the time I thought it was a character in the show Rurouni Kenshin but in trying to get the spelling right just now I came to find out it was actually from the show InuYasha. That would certainly explain my difficulty in trying to figure out exactly which character from Kenshin he was. Being has it has been years since I've seen any anime, let alone those particular shows I'm confused as to why my brain dug up that name to throw into my dreams.

One more oddity of being sick that first day. Water tasted horrible. I knew I had a fever, about 100 degrees at that point, and being sick had purged me of a lot of the water in my system, so I knew I had to drink plenty of water even though it tasted bad. The simple joy when I finally woke up feeling better and that glass of cold water actually tasted good again. It is very hard to stay hydrated when water tastes bad, but I managed. Plus now I know I really can survive not eating for a day. Hell, even that second day I barely ate anything.

Anyway I spent a couple of days sick, and that led into a long holiday weekend for me to recover. Yesterday when I drove to the grocery store everything seemed just a bit off. It was so odd to be leaving my apartment after so many days shut up inside. I came out of all this with a bit of a cough and sometimes it seems like my body hasn't figured out just yet how to completely regulate my body temperature.

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