Monday, June 20, 2011

Hack the planet

I've had so many things lately that I've wanted to put on here but I was never at a computer at the time. Now I can only remember one of them and that's the one I haven't done any work yet to accomplish. I watched a show about code breakers and different ways in which people over the years have tried to hide their secret messages and how they were eventually cracked. Now I want to invent my own "unbreakable" cipher and put a message on here as a challenge to everyone to try to crack it.

Any code invented by someone can be cracked by someone else eventually. Just look at how many times lately in the news there has been a story about a group of hackers breaking into another company's system and crashing it and stuff like that. Now I don't condone what those groups have done, but it is a perfect example of how some one's "secure" code can be cracked by someone else. Everyone of those company's had computer security systems of some kind I'm sure.

One of my favorite movies of the 90's was Hackers. And as grossly unrealistic as some of that movie was it did point out something. There are some groups of very smart people out there on the Internet that it is unwise to mess with. And if you do poke the sleeping bear prepare to have very expensive paper weights because your computer will soon be garbage.

Anyway all I really wanted to say is I hope to have some updated posts soon. The decoding challenge, and anything else I might remember I wanted to put on here.

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