Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yay for something!!

So awhile back I said I was going to use the idea that "Nothing exists" as the foundation for my philosophy or some such. Then sometime later I did a post saying that I wasn't going to do that for various reasons. So now I've come up with a new foundation idea. "Something exists."

No I can't say for certain what that something is. After all I'm still not certain I exist. Descartes still has me beat there I guess. And while I was thinking about this I realized I kept using the word "certain." That got me thinking about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. And the basic idea came to that the more one focus's their attention on one detail of the world around them the less detail the see about everything else, and the converse to that, the more they try to see everything around them the less details they see in any of it.

Now one thing I've never been certain about is that I perceive the same world as anyone else. How do I know that the color I see as red isn't really blue, or seen has green by someone else. And maybe you'd say well because you can say "Hey this is red." to which others would reply "No, it's blue." But I also don't know that the language I use is the same as anybody else's. I know on several occasions I've gotten into long drawn out debates about a particular topic only to find out in the end we were both trying to say the same thing but were using different definitions for the words we were using, or something like that.

So what am I getting at with all this? I don't know if I exist and I don't know that you exist. And if the universe exists is still a complete mystery to me, but I can say with some certainty that something, somewhere definitely exists. After all modern science now seems to say quantum fluctuations can create something out of nothing for brief periods of time. So given nothing and quantum mechanics, apparently you get something sooner or later.


  1. plus there's always the argument that even if none of this exists the idea of perceiving that something might be going on requires a thinking mind somewhere to perceive and think... Descartes basic premise comes to that idea :-p no matter what YOU are, your ability to think and reason and perceive means you must exist in some capacity... even if only as a reflection of a dream of something else somewhere else...

  2. Also, I used that argument to get an A in my philosophy class by only turning in a single page all year :) basically it goes as so: everything exists because I perceive it and I know I exist... whether everything is merely an illusion, it still exists as an illusion and as such holds as much validity as anything else because I perceive it... or something like that anyway... it's been ten years since I've even considered the idea