Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is the meaning of it all? As you can see I haven't written anything for my blog in a month. I've had ideas sometimes but not the desire to write them down. Other times I've had the desire to write something but no ideas on what to write. I don't get many visitors to my blog and those that do visit seem only interested in my post about my broken TV that I fixed. That post even got linked to by someone who happened to have the same TV having the same problem and fixed his TV and wrote a blog about it. Or people look up the various part numbers I mentioned in that blog post and find my blog that way.

The point is the few visitors I get seem to care nothing about reading the rest of my blog. And no one ever comments on anything leaving me to wonder why I bother. Is it good enough that I put my thoughts out there? I'd like to hear what other people have to say on my thoughts. Debate helps me refine my thoughts. So today I write this nonsense. Maybe in the days to come I will write more of my thoughts down. Or something about the new story idea I'm working on. I still need to figure out the plot though.

In the mean time, continue to ignore my blog world. There is nothing to see here I guess.

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