Monday, May 23, 2011

Still here for another year

Well the crazy guy was wrong, again. The rapture didn't happen. The world is not ending just yet. Not that I had any doubt he was wrong. I find it truly amazing how many people want the end of the world. That I think is the great harm done by Christianity. It instilled in people this idea that this world is already fucked up beyond repair and all they have to look forward to is death and this ideal paradise in the afterlife.

None of us can even know there is an afterlife. By definition its what happens after this life, and as we are still in this life we can only guess at what lies beyond. And anyone who tries to tell you different is trying to sell you something. I have my ideas, but there is no way I can know for certain.

One thing that I always find odd is that in all the gospels there is at least once where Jesus tells his followers that the Kingdom of Heaven will come within the lifetime of some of the people hearing him speak those words. It didn't come to them then and yet millions of Christians are certain that its still just around the corner. You got stupid creationist that want to take the creation myth and histories of the bible as literal facts and then conveniently ignore the very words Jesus is said to have spoken on this other matter.

Anyway we still have about 20 months before the next doomsday. A bunch of idiots misinterpreting Mayan legends and now we have the idea that the world will in 2012. Let me just say this now. Nothing is going to happen!!!

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