Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cause & Effect

I find myself tonight thinking about cause and effect. If you believe that all effects must have a cause then it stands to reason that you believe in an eternal universe with no beginning. For whatever caused the beginning mus by necessity be the effect of some other cause, so on and so forth. Always must there be some previous cause.

But I say to you that I believe in effect without cause. At the heart of chaos would be such an effect. I have heard that modern science has shown that at the quantum level particles can come out of nothing. They are short lived and quickly blink back out of existence. It is believed our own universe may have come into existence in just this way, only instead of blinking out of existence suddenly exploded outward with a great expansion.

Anyway back to my original point. Both religion and science seem to say that some outside unknown "cause" started our universe. Religion has it's answers and science is constantly striving for it's. But I ask why must we believe that all effects have a cause? What actually causes the mutations that drive evolution? Honestly I don't know. I hated biology in school and we never studied evolution anyway. My point is there are infinite effects happening in every moment, but can anyone truly know that their are an equivalent infinite causes?

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