Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back Here in that post I said I can't doubt that nothing exists. Well as it turns out I have managed to doubt it. Doubt crept in silently and stealthily at first. Minor tingling in the back of my thoughts nagging at me about some undefined thing. Eventually I realized that the basic argument that I used to say that nothing exists is the same argument that some Christians use to say their god exists. And when those Christians use that argument I always laugh, at least internally, because it holds no logic what so ever.

So I started to read about nothing, and recently watched a whole hour long show about nothing, and I now have come to the belief that nothing is hard to prove to exist. First off let's get some simply ideas about nothing out of the way.

"The emptiness of space is full of nothing." Couldn't be farther from the truth. There is all sorts of light and energy flowing through space, so while it may be empty of matter for the most part it does still have stuff in it.

"The space between electrons and the nucleus of an atom is full of nothing." Well as it turns out that while there is indeed no matter in there, there is truly vast amounts of energy packed into that tiny space. I am probably wrong here but I think I read somewhere that the amount of energy packed into one atom, were it to be released all at once, would make the atom bombs we've detonated on this planet look like firecrackers. Let's hope that I'm wrong or that we never figure out a way to make that happen.

According to the show I watched about nothing, in same way that was never clearly explained as it would probably take untold hours of highly complex physics lectures to truly understand, the closer you get to a space of nothing tiny particles of matter and antimatter can pop into existence for the tiniest amounts of time and then annihilate each other back into nothing. So apparently something can be created from nothing.

So this begs the question for me of did nothing exist before the Big Bang? That I'm afraid will have to come another day as my thoughts on that matter are still trying to arrange themselves into a semi-coherent format.

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