Saturday, February 12, 2011

From out of the Void

Ok, so I've had this creation myth story brewing in my head for several days now. Maybe it's the one I'll use for some fantasy world in some novel some time. Or maybe it's what I'll teach my kids some day, assuming I ever have kids, because hey why shouldn't I fill their heads full of nonsense? The public school system will anyway.

Anyway the basic outline is this.

First there was nothing but the Void, stark vast emptiness of nothing. And brought into the Void were the Primal Forces, Order and Chaos. And where these Primal Forces first collided the Universe was created. Now the Primal Forces of Order and Chaos exert themselves on the universe to each reach their own ends.

I still need to flesh it out some of course, but that's the basic frame work for how I see the universe having been created. I was going to say more today but I forgot everything else. Sorry, you'll just have to tune back in another day.

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