Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on my life in 2011 so far

I don't really have much to say. I still haven't wrote anything or lost any weight. I have a few short story ideas based off D&D adventures I DM'ed back win I role played. But I just never seem to want to take the time to start writing them down, or typing them up. I'm still torn on which is the better way to go. I like the idea of writing with pen and paper, but I will eventually have to type it up anyway. But my experience in the past with trying to type up stories is eventually my wrist and fingers will start to hurt because I don't sit properly at my computer or type properly.

And experience also tells me that the first writing session is usually all I get for a story. Once I break off the flow of ideas I can never quite get it back to continue writing later. That's why my writing history is full of short two page, or so, beginnings to stories but hardly any full ones. The other problem is I sometimes come up with great beginnings, or at least I think they are great, but have no idea where the rest of the story should go.

As for my weight lost goal, I bought a Kinect for my Xbox 360. I had some difficulties when I was first trying to set it up but eventually got that figured out. My next problem is room to play. With the way my living room is currently set up and with how far back you need to be for the Kinect to work properly I'm right up against my couch. So anything that requires me to move my feet back doesn't work well. And with the way my apartment is laid out I'm not sure I can rearrange the furniture to give me more room. And rearranging would mean cleaning, which is something I desperately need to do but just keep putting off until another day.

Pages written: 0
Current weight: 305lbs

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