Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet a stranger in a chat room and got to chatting about various stuff. Eventually it came around to how his marriage of 6 years wasn't as happy as it used to be. Here is an excerpt from the conversation, almost completely my side except for one of his responses I left in. Its been cleaned up some and hopefully grammatically corrected, but otherwise nearly completely exactly like I said to this otherwise complete stranger. Here goes my theory on marriages. Please note this is all a matter of opinion and I am no where near an expert having little to no relationship experience. This is all from observing the world around me.


Well it goes like this as far as I can tell. Guys think romance is what catches a woman and once she's been caught whats the point in more romance. Women think marriage is just another step into ever greater amounts of romance. You can blame those cheesy romance novels and movies as far as I can tell. Without them women might see men as they are instead of as they wish them to be.

Mean while women are willing to do the more sexual stuff for men early on because that keeps him interested. And once he's been caught in marriage they don't think they should have to anymore. Where as men up to that point were led to believe she liked it and would continue to do it.

Both parties trick the other into thinking what they want will continue to happen after the marriage with no real intention to continuing to deliver on their end of the bargain.

The odd thing is, even knowing this, I want to find the right girl and get married. How stupid does that make me?

(his response):
Stupid? No. Human? Yes.

Yet humans, for all the great knowledge and wisdom we like to brag we have, are probably the dumbest creatures on the planet. I've never had a high opinion of humans. Of course I rarely think of myself as wholly human. I have no facts to back this up mind, but I often claim to be an alien, an evolved human, or just a freak of nature. All a matter of opinion really. I always claim to be weird. I mean who wants to be normal anyway?

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