Friday, November 19, 2010

Descent Into Madness

Falling forever into my fears
In this dark pit
That is my mind
A giant blackhole
Where I know not
Which way is up
And which is down

And as I float in a river
Of my own blood
I wonder what happened
To the boy who loved to play in sun
And why I am now condemned
To this eternal darkness
That is my curse

And as I choke and drown
In a pool of my sins
I see a light, an image
Of a boy playing in the sun
And as my eyes forever close
I see the happiness in his eyes
And with my last breathe of life
I whisper "What happened to me?"


I wrote this back in highschool. I used to have it all memorized and would recite it to myself as I would walk home from school. If I ever knew what I meant with these words I have long sense forgotten them. I remember this was one of my favorites of my old poems.

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