Friday, April 9, 2010

Transcript of nighttime ramblings

What follows is the transcript from the tape recorder that sits next to my bed so I can record my random thoughts when I'm too lazy to write them or already have the lights out. Stuff in quotes was meant to be a story I wanted to write, let's see if you can figure out what its about from these snippets.

Following that is just some random stuff that must have made some sense to me at the time but now just show the randomness that is my mind. After that is a short poem or the beginning to some poem I have since forgotten completely about. The first word(s) I couldn't make out from the tape so I put in brackets what I thought I was saying.

And finally there is a question which was meant to remind me of a train of thought I had the other day while reading Siddhartha. Sadly I can't remember it all now but I will try to expand on what I can remember tomorrow in a separate post.


"They would have you believe that He was somehow was before the rest of us. But the truth is none of us can remember when we were born. We were... It was just a matter of we were, and then the universe was."

"My prescribed role in the story is that of the prideful dissident cast out from perfection. But that's not how it really was."

Beautiful words lost in fluff.

"There is no words to describe what it was before the universe. They like to say 'In the beginning there was only darkness.' But that's not how it was, for even in darkness there is still... sparks, ideas, crayons, fuck! I don't know where I'm going with that. Clearly not crayons. Um. What is darkness? Is it really simply the absence of light? If light then is... energy or mass, darkness when then be void. No energy, no mass, the anti-universe."

A Cheetos in time saves an elephant in the bush.

Teddy bear king and gorilla jester.

Panda, anteater, marmoset, hippopotamus.

[night air] glistening,
moonlit skies,
Blood red stained steel.

Is the remembrance of a thought a thought?

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