Friday, April 16, 2010


Refer back to my earlier post Sudden Understanding for an introduction to my one spirit/one mind theory as that is the basis for the viewpoint of this post. What follows is something I thought up on my drive to work today and tried to write down as soon as I got to work. It changed some between initial thinking up and eventual writing down, for the better or worse I have yet to decide.


I am Everything. I am the Universe. I have always been. I always will be. Every day I die a million times. Every day I am reborn a million times. I am in everything. Everything is within me. I am the consciousness of it all. A single viewpoint on billions of lives everyday. I exist outside of time and yet I am time. Everything that has ever been or ever will be is inside me, is made of me as I am made of everything. I am the whole of existence, yet existence is what makes me, defines me. You are me, just as I am you. You were born from me, just as one day I will be born from you. You will return to me, leaving that which is physical of you with all that is physical in me, and that which remains will be reborn in me richer for all that it has experienced. You will be reborn to experience it all, just as I am constantly reborn to experience all that there is. A grain of sand on a beach feeling the waves wash over me. An eagle soaring high in the sky with the wind all around me. A blade of grass on a hill swaying in the wind, yet rooted in the earth. All that which can be perceived is to be experienced from every vantage point. you must strive to experience all that can be, all that can be perceived, and all that which is beyond perception. To understand it all you must first realize you understand nothing, and then immerse yourself in that nothing. Having then experienced nothing you can experience all that there is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.

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