Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well I'm still alive, for now.

Some time last week I started to get a sore throat. That's it, nothing else. Just a sore throat. I thought maybe I had scratched my throat one day when I was taking my multivitamin or something. By Thursday night I was getting sick and tired of having a sore throat and almost left work early just because I wanted to come home and rest.

I ended up being tired on Friday and lost track of time and was going to be late for work, and then I decided to just stay home instead. By the end of the night I was feeling a little worse so it seemed like a good idea I guess.

The weekend was long and kind of boring. But each day I seemed to get just a little sicker. What started as a sore throat became a sore throat with a stuffed up nose to eventually a minor cough. I got up today and felt like shit, but not bad enough to bother with a trip to the doctor's office or skipping more work (since I still haven't got paid for my week of unemployment I'm kind of strapped for cash at the moment).

The good news is I don't seem to have a sore throat anymore. The bad news is I can rarely breathe through my nose for very long it's so clogged up and what was a minor cough has become a lot worse. Not the worse cough I've ever had but very annoying all the same. I hate coughing.

Anyway I'll probably make a trip to the doctor's office tomorrow if I still feel like crap after I wake up. If nothing else maybe they can give me some antibiotics, which are just about the only thing I ever bother taking when it comes to meds. Assuming of course that whatever is causing this annoying head cold thing is something antibiotics would work on.

If it was just a bit warmer out I'd really like to open my windows and get some fresh air in here and see if maybe that would help me at all. And I think its just about time I finally get around to actually cleaning up this pig sty.

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  1. Turns out I have an ear infection AND a sinus infection, but nothing seems wrong with my throat I guess. Got myself some antibiotics now and in a few days I should start feeling better. And the doctor gave me a work excuse for two days off, it's going to be unpaid time off but at least I can stay home and rest up.