Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walking and thinking

So I just spent the last 55 minutes doing laps around my apartment complex to get some exercise. Feels good even though I'm sure the blisters on my feet will suck while I have to stand all night at work tomorrow. Anyway while I was walking I was thinking, and primarily I was wondering what it felt like to be stabbed.

Now I dislike pain so I in no way want to really experience being stabbed but I was pondering what it might feel like. Trying to decide if I ever had to write about a character getting stabbed in one of my stories what would I say it felt like.

I will probably Google it later and see if anyone has wrote about their experience being stabbed and I can read what they said it felt like. Personally I'm guessing that you wouldn't feel the knife at first, that it would feel like getting punched at first. But what do I know? Muscles getting cut would be painful I'm sure so I'm sure you would feel that soon enough even if you don't feel the initial penetration of the blade.

Anyway if any of my 3 or 4 readers have ever been stabbed or shot or something and you can remember what it really felt like at the time please do tell me.

Besides wanting an accurate description of what a stabbing felt like I was thinking about what the mind would actually experience. Now for centuries philosophers have wondered about the mind and its connection to the body. I don't remember all the theories and thoughts on the matter right now. I do remember duality to some extent I think. That the mind and the body exist on different levels or something. The mind being a spiritual energy or some such while the body is physical matter and what not.

That got me wondering if the mind would disconnect from the body to save itself for feeling all the pain the body was going through upon being stabbed? And if it did disconnect what would it experience? What can the mind perceive of the world if its not connected to the physical sensory organs and the brain processing centers? Kind of makes me wish I knew where I could go to experience a sensory deprivation chamber.

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