Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magnetic Poetry

I got my old magnetic poetry magnets out the other day and this was the randomness that I put together today. Just a silly little poem that I have no idea what it means or if its trying to say anything. I took a pic of it with my iPhone because I just felt that would be easier than rewriting it. And then did a little editing of the pic, mostly uping the brightness and contrast. Just felt like sharing it. I really like that last line. Mostly just the "whisper symphony" part really. I just like that combination of words. Anyway tell me what you like about it, or don't like about it.

In other news I started writing a rough draft of a short story. It will still need some fine tuning but I decided to just start writing my ideas down before I forgot them all. I may type it up and put it on here in the future, once I write a little more that is. but I wouldn't hold your breathe on that just yet.

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