Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Half Asleep Theology 101

We'll start with some definitions for a few words courtesy of dictionary.com:

aberrant - deviating from what is normal.
firmament - the vault of heaven; sky.
vault - arched structure forming a ceiling.
heavens - sky.
hover - 1. to hang fluttering or suspend in the air. 3. to remain in an uncertain or irresolute state; waver.

And now let's get some biblical passages, this time from my New Living Translation bible:

Gen 1:1-1:2 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was empty, a formless mass cloaked in darkness. And the Spirit of God was hovering over its surface."

Gen 1:7-1:8 "And so it was. God made this space to separate the waters above from the waters below. God called the space “sky.” This happened on the second day. "

So what does all this mean? Well YHWH creates the heavens and the earth in Gen 1:1 on the first day and yet heavens just means sky and he doesn't create the sky until the second day for some reason. Also the earth was formless yet it has mass and a surface. A surface implies there is already a barrier between the earth (below) and the heavens (above) so again why create this space on day two and wait until then to name it sky. And something to note of course is that YHWH doesn't create darkness, it's already there, so any statement about him creating the whole universe is disproved right there in Gen 1:2.

Secondly I find it odd to have this distinction between "God created" in Gen 1:1 and "the Spirit of God hovered" in Gen 1:2. Brings me back to something I've touched on before I think, either here on my blog or in replies to other peoples blogs, about what is "the Spirit of God" or "the Holy Spirit?" In the first three sentence of the bible they are already making this distinction. It must have some significance. Though what that is I am currently unsure. Two me it seems like these or two separate entities, though I know most Christians believe in the trinity all somehow being one entity.

Now in Gen 1:2 it says "the Spirit of God is hovering over its surface" and the definition of hover specifies "in the air" so therefore again I say the space between the waters below and above was created on day one or the spirit would have been floating or swimming, not hovering. That is of course unless you want to go with the other definition for hover that I provided. What might YHWH's spirit be uncertain about after creating the earth? Finally we get to what I actually wanted to say.

When bad things happen to people it is often said "God tests us." It is also said that YHWH is omnipotent and omniscient (all powerful and all knowing). If he truly were all knowing why would he need to test us? Wouldn't he already know the results? I think the obvious answer (and again something I've touched on before) is that he isn't all knowing or all powerful.

More importantly I would ask why does he test his own believers? Is he looking for some quality within them that they aren't already showing by believing in him and following his religion? Is he perhaps picky about which souls he lets into heaven so he tests them while they are on earth? Is believing in him and be his follower not good enough to get into heaven then?

I propose that YHWH tests people in search of aberrant souls. And if man was created in his image, and is capable of having an aberrant soul, what does that say about the purity of his own soul? Could this have anything to do with the uncertainty of YHWH's spirit?

The preceding was some random notes I jotted down before falling asleep last night. Not much real thought was put into any of it, nor did I expand on any of the thoughts beyond bringing my notes into full sentences for the most part. I would be happy to expand on any ideas expressed here at a later date if replies to this post indicate there is interest in any of the gibberish I just wrote.

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