Friday, February 19, 2010

Upcoming Posts ... maybe

Anyway I wanted to write something here quick about a few different posts ideas I have in my head. Nothing that's quite ready to actually be posted unfortunately.

The first one is the rewards, and dangers, of apathy. Specifically about me and the apathy I cultivated to be about to not go crazy at work a couple of years ago and the observations I have about its effects both at work and in my personal life in the time since then.

The second was a creation myth story I had for either a story I might try to write someday, if i ever motivate myself to actually write (refer back to the first idea above to see why I might lack in motivation right now :-P), or more what I had it in mind for at the time, the creation myth story for a role playing campaign, assuming I ever bother to try to GM again. GMing is not my strong suit. Finding players willing to play in my messed up worlds and with the various system modifications I make not withstanding.

The third idea, and one that needs a little research first, is actually one mentioned by Adnega in a comment on my Request post. Its an idea I suddenly had the other day about what if theology and chemistry follow the same rules. Specifically the rules about electron energy states and how they might apply to soul and the afterlife. But silly me, its been about 7 years since I've been in a chemistry class and I don't really remember much exactly about electron movement and their energy states. So thus I need to comb the Internet or find my old chemistry textbook and do some quick research.

I might have had another idea but I can't remember right now. Oh and there is a chance that I might start up a second blog for the sole purpose of my rants. I've had several rant ideas over the last week or so but I don't like the idea of filling this blog up with rants so I left them all unsaid for now. So that's something to look for in the future, maybe.

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