Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'd really love to post more blog entries but it seems like I never have anything to say anymore. So I'm putting out a request for ideas to talk about. Another request I have is for more people to leave comments. I'd be far more likely to write stuff if I knew people were actually reading it.


  1. I can only speak for myself, but I am naturally an inward thinker and sometimes find it hard to express my ideas as well, unless I find that zone where I have a better clarity of thought. If you have been reading my blog, it has lately been a lot more about personal reflection and thinking about what my views and thoughts are based on. I guess I have turned it into something more personal than what it was. I think you have a quite interesting perspective on life, so I would not mind seeing those sort of posts.

  2. so here's the problem, right... if I had a good topic for you to blog about I'd damn well blog about it instead of giving it to you :-p

    So you could rant (like you said before... make another blog for them if you want), or comment on shit you saw or did and extrapolate on the idea (like I've been doing with PBS and video games... hell you could blog about army of two fucking me in the ass with a fucking 50 cal and thereby ruining the plans for the day) umm... or you could blog about something you hear on coast to coast or whatever. Books, you could write book reviews for books you read... or put something on your blog about the idea you had about how chemistry and spiritualism are similar (or however you phrased it) so there, write about that shit :-p