Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have a new project to probably never get finished

I was going to write a post about a fun new way to play Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Nintendo GameCube, specifically the Monkey Target party game, but it seems Adnega already beat me to it. We called it Flush #2. But I don't want to write about it now since he beat me to it.

Anyway I used to write silly little computer programs as a hobby back in the day, before going to college for computer programming took all the fun out of it. And I want to start writing them again just for fun. Even had an idea for a program to write. It came from an old episode of the cartoon show Animaniacs and the idea is you feed this program two or more text files, preferably full length novels or something, and it rips them to shreds and piecing them back to gather randomly and then you can try to read it and make sense out of it. The key will be maintaining whole words and parts of sentences so that its not complete gibberish. In fact the first version will probably deal with swapping around whole sentences until I know its working right and then I might have it start breaking sentences down. Anyway that's a project I hope to work on in the future.

You might ask why I would want to have a program that would do something like that. Well my answer is why not. Should be fun to write the code for it. And then maybe once I throw a few books through it and read all the gibberish it will give me my own story ideas or something. Should be good for unexpected plot twist at least I figure.

If you have any silly little computer program ideas and want to have me try to write them for you just tell me and I'll see what I can do. But I was never any good at programming within Windows with all the graphical user interface and menus and stuff like that. Pretty much stuck in the old text only command line days of programming I am.

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  1. good plan... I like it as a nostrodamus (whatever) engine :) it generates random strings of words/phrases and you can say "see it predicted 9/11!!" even though it has nothing to do with it whatsoever... you could make millions!... of angry people :)