Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

I think there are many more roads than just two in front of me and which one I take now may very well set the rest of my life on a path I never dreamed. Many little decisions ahead of me I think and no idea which is ultimately the best one. Easily enough I can pick out what might be considered the "safest" route, boring that it may be. Also I could pick out the exciting and risky path well enough, but I foresee only pain and loneliness at the end of that road. It's the road in the middle, the ones that seem to blend together weaving back and forth and crisscrossing that is so hard for me to pick from.

If I wake up tomorrow and set my foot down the wrong path then what? Will it be too late to change paths? A house, my job, a relationship, a friendship, etc... which of these waits along which paths? Stepping into a fog and wondering blind is what I feel like sometimes.

May my goddess help illuminate my path and may I be smart enough to see the signs.

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