Friday, January 1, 2010

That's life for you...

Well it is a new year, 2010 now. What does that mean? Well it means I have to spend the year trying not to be annoyed at the people that think its a new decade already for one thing. Come on people, there was no year 0 so year 10 is still in the first decade. I mean I can understand why people think the way they do about it, but that doesn't make them any more right.

Anyway that's not really the point of this post, which as of yet doesn't really have one. Some updates on my life; got my car fixed this week. It had a few spots where it was leaking transmission fluid, and one oil leak too, and a few other minor problems and preventative maintenance things to be done.

It was weird to be without my car again so soon after having to leave it in the ditch for most of the week just a few weeks ago, but at least I didn't have to go anywhere this week as the place I work shuts down between Christmas and New Years. Which just means I'm going to have a really bad case of the Mondays next week when I have to go back to work.

I've cleaned my apartment up some, but not nearly as much as I meant to with this week off. Mostly I watch movies and played video games. Not a bad way to relax during my time off from work I'd say.

I've also spent some time thinking about the story I want to try to write. The main character is going to be a werewolf who has some sort of Fae as a friend. I haven't decided yet what kind of Fae exactly, maybe a leprechaun or a troll. And for that matter in my story world I think I want to present werewolves as just another subset of Fae, one that just happens to change shape into that of a wolf and have some wolf like abilities. I think the greater arc of the story is going to be about the world coming to grips with the recently exposed existence of the Fae, who have been secretly living among humanity from the very beginnings. But the focus of the story is going to be something smaller and more personal I think, just not sure what yet.

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