Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rant: Sex Ed

Ok, it's a topic that has popped up a couple of times in the last few days and it's been awhile since I've posted a rant. The first time it popped up was on a rerun of an episode of King of the Hill, and the other was on a web comic I follow.

The classic argument is that schools have no business teaching sexual education to children, that's something the parents should teach their children. Personally I do think it is something the parents should teach their children, but the fact of the matter is most parents won't, or will wait until it's too late. They will be to embarrassed to talk to their kids about it and the children were probably raised in such a way to be embarrassed to talk to their parents about it. So everyone just ends up to embarrassed to really talk about it.

But it goes deeper than parents just not wanting schools to teach it to their children. People seem to think sex ed some how encourages the students to go out and have sex. I don't really remember much of the sex ed my school gave but I know it in no way encouraged me to go out and have sex. I also know it could have been way better. I think I came away with more questions than answers, but like I said I don't remember much of it.

The point is children will find out about sex whether its taught in school or not. I remember knowing about sex, even if I didn't know the actual mechanics of it, at a very young age. And at school you hear things, and somebody will always find their dad or brother's porn stash, and with the Internet its even easier to find that stuff if parents don't watch what their kids are doing, and is that where kids should be learning about sex?

As far as I know most sex ed classes come with a parental consent form. So parents out there if you really think the school has no business teaching your children about sex, don't sign the form, but be sure to teach them yourself or be ready to face the consequences. But just because you don't want the school to teach your child, that doesn't mean you have any right to try to ban the school from teaching the children of parents that realize they aren't prepared to teach their own children about it and that want the school to teach their children.

And as a side note: Abstinence only sex ed classes are the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Teenagers will have sex, there is no stopping this, it's part of our DNA. For gods sake teach them how to have safe sex before it's too late.

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