Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's just the beginning

He looked like nobody, this man. That is to say he looked like everybody, so much so that you just looked right past him. Just another nobody on the street going about his business. But the things this man would say, completely utterly ridiculous things that at once you knew could not be true, and yet you knew this man never spoke a lie. This man did not have the bearing of a liar so this totally utterly ridiculous things he spoke could only be true.

Innocuous this man may seem at first, but his hidden truths once revealed can not be secreted away again. Daniel had passed him once on his way to work last week. And then again on his way home from the theater just the night before. Neither time did Daniel stop and listen to what he was saying, more mumbling to himself really, yet somehow Danial could clearly recall all the words like they wear branded onto his brain or carved into his very bones, they were stuck so deep into his soul.

He couldn't bear to repeat those words. Just thinking them, which he couldn't stop doing as much as he had tried, felt like getting stabbed in the heart repeatedly. The words were complex, precise, and detailed many horrors to come. The message was simple. Daniel was about to die a horrible painful death. And that was only going to be the beginning of the story.


I have no idea what this story is or if I will ever write more of it. But I couldn't help but write this down as it came to me just now so I will share it. Let me know what you think.

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