Saturday, January 23, 2010

Foggy with low visibilty

Why my writing methods suck. I had the open lines to a poem in my head not to long ago. Just two or three lines but that's all I usually start with for my random little musings. Now I can remember nothing but three words, "Night born fantasies."

If I employed a more "normal" writing method I would have jotted down the lines right when they came to me and spent some of the time between then and when I finally got here to write it out on figuring out the rest of the poem. Instead I just blissfully kept on doing whatever it was that I was doing and now I can't remember anything.

Now one might read my musings and say "oh well" because none of them really make sense or amount to anything anyway. But the same thing I do for my little nonsense poems is what I do for my stories I try to write. The other day I thought up a whole speech one character was giving another and it had some really good lines in it. But I was busy doing something else at the time and didn't take any notes. Now all I am left with is a vague impression of what that bit of dialogue was about and no details like I had already wrote once in my head.

Damn my inferior brain for not storing stuff like a hard drive, where one usually only has to write something once and it stays there until you delete it. Nope me, I do things more like writing on a mirror after a shower. You know how the mirror always fogs up, well eventual that condensation leaves and everything you wrote disappears. Sure you can steam up the mirror again and might still be able to read it but its not very clear. Anyway that's sort of like my brain, all foggy and not clear at all.

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