Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blah days

My life has been pretty boring lately and I haven't had much to say on here, so I haven't wrote anything in a long while. It's cold out and work is work, boring and I never feel like going. I need to make some change to my daily routine, shake things up a bit. I also need to start exercising more. I lost so weight last summer and it was great, not much mind you but some. Well I put all that weight back on in the last month or so.

I used to always like winter but I've just started to notice recently that I always seem to be more depressed during the winter months. This I believe is relatively normal, everyone suffers from the winter blues. Lack of good sunlight I think some believe is the cause. But I don't normally spend much time out in the sun anyway even during the summer so that doesn't seem right for me. What do I know though?

I've really been trying to think of something to write lately. I found some old tape recorders I had from years ago and they sit next to my bed now so in case I have anymore ideas at night I can record my thoughts and write them down later. But I haven't used them at all yet so who knows how well this plan will work.

The basic idea for the story I have right now is it is the modern day, or maybe just slightly into the future, and the Fae have made their presence publicly known. One thing the Fae have been doing for years is replacing human babies with Fae babies to be raised as humans, called changelings. Well the story is going to be about a changeling who's Fae ability is shape shifting into a wolf and back to human, so of course to most people he would just be called a werewolf. And his friend happens to be an old leprechaun. The basic idea of the story is going to be about how they are just trying to live their lives in a world that is still trying to figure out how to deal with the Fae being among them. Of course this is all likely going to change if or when I get around to writing any of it.

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