Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

Ok, so Saturday I braved the crazy madness that is trying to shop on the last weekend before Christmas. I survived to tell the tale, which is actually really boring so let's skip it. What is important about this weekend was that on Saturday night I had a fever of 103°F. It wasn't very pleasant. At one point I felt like I might have vomited at any moment and ended up curled up on the cold tiles of my bathroom floor taking a short nap. Oddly enough I think that was one of the best things for me. The cold floor sucked some of the extra body heat out of me and brought my fever down I bit I'm guessing.

Anyway I drank plenty of water and rested as much as I could and by the time I woke up late Sunday morning I felt much better. I have no idea what my temperature was because my digital thermometer broke at some point during the night, but I felt like I was back to my normal temp.

It's strange. I normally don't get the flu, but I got it last year at one point, and by that I mean it was some point last winter because I think it might have actually been this January. And it certainly seemed like the flu this weekend, but not quite so bad as last year. And both times I've recovered in about a day. Yet I hear of these people that are sick for days. Now I'm not in that great of condition healthwise. I'm overweight and under exercised. I have a terrible diet most of the time and never drink enough water it seems like. And yet I seem to recover from being sick way faster than people in better shape than me.

Anyway I didn't really have a point to any of this. Just wanted to say something.

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