Monday, December 14, 2009

According to one source there is roughly "a quarter of a million distinct English words." I don't feel like hunting down the answer to the question "How old is Modern English?" as a simple Google search didn't immediately find me the answer and I'm tired. Maybe another day I'll hunt down that answer and put it in a comment to this post so we will know for sure. In the mean time lets say the answer is 400 years. I'm just picking a number at random here for the sake of my argument, which is this:

Just about every sensible combination of English words has already been uttered or written down somewhere at sometime. So everything is plagiarism. It has all been said before by someone else. Maybe not as a unified whole, but all the little bits, all the atoms of thought.

Incidently 400 years is 146,100 days, so if Modern English were that old thats about 2 words a day. I wonder how big our language will get over the next century?


  1. True dat... time to revive some old words and invent some of our own for common usage (like what's his nuts did to create the word "quiz")

  2. But we are creating new words. Woot immediately comes to mind :P.