Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Send forth thy Ravens, O Lord!
The Serpent slithers out of the sea,
We be not afraid of Death,
For we wear its mark upon our breasts
As we ride forth into battle for you, O Lord.

O Lord, your Ravens soar into battle,
Our cruel talons tear the flesh of your enemies.
Command us, O Lord, and we shall slay them all.
Let all thy enemies fear the coming of thy Ravens!
O Lord, we shall not fail thee in our solemn mission.

NAO 11/10/2009

Ok, so unlike most of my random poetry this one has a story. More specifically it's for a story I'm going to try to write. The Ravens are a squad of skilled soldiers fighting for their king, and this is part of their song. A song they would sing before a battle to get themselves psych themselves up and hopefully instill some fear into their enemies.

The story will probably take place in a high fantasy type setting which means you can expect magic and dragons and epic battles between good and evil and all that sort of stuff. Of course that is if I ever get my act together and write something.

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