Monday, November 23, 2009

Projects renewed, projects completed, and projects abandoned

Well I bought a new Xbox 360 from eBay today since my other has become unrepairable. It happens sometimes with electronics. And the truth is it might still be fixable but when half the board is shorted out mostly by a single bad part and you have hundreds of parts to remove one by one to try to figure out which is the bad one, and then replacing all those you removed... Well yeah it's just easier at this point to get a new one.

And my other project, the 42 inch plasma TV I found a few weeks ago, well it has a short somewhere too. However it has far fewer parts to sift through to find the bad one. I'm just to lazy to do it this weekend as I was working overtime instead. Over time that is paying for the new Xbox I just bought.

And for the final tech project I've been working on, I finally got Windows installed back onto my new hard drive. I bought the drive months ago and had been trying to dual boot Windows and Linux on it but kept running into problems and just went back to my old drive with its uncorrupted Windows install. Anyway I finally got around to trying again only this time I'm not bothering with trying to install Linux.

Anyway that's the update on what I've been up to this weekend.

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