Saturday, November 21, 2009


With orb of crystal
And unclouded mind
Future seen, disaster averted

Foggy nights of walking
Sinister and ghostly your haunts
By your side I remain

Circle around and around
Your mystic texts reveal
Arcane teachings best forgotten

Foul creatures of shadow
Clawing their way through the divide
The Abyss open in your mind

Unleash on the world its reaping
Purge the unworthy
Cleanse weak and reward the mighty

NAO 11/21/2009

Yeah this one didn't come together right at all. Of course it didn't help that the apparent story behind it changed at least three times while I was writing it. Anyway this is all you get for today, even if it is horrible and makes no sense. This is what I get for thinking about Cthulhu mythos while half asleep I guess. Anyway tomorrow I'll try to post something real for once.

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