Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life all around us

What is life? What makes me alive and the chair I'm sitting on not alive?

Well first off I have no idea how biologists define life and I don't care to look it up but I know by their definition I would be considered alive. But what am I? I'm a collection of trillions of tiny living cells. Let us think about that for a moment. I am a living being made up of trillions of tiny living things, each autonomous yet dependant on its neighbors. I survive the death of any individual cell yet they all die if I die. How strange is that?

I quick Google search tells me the live span of most cells in a human body is a few days to weeks, while a few last months and even up to years, and according to this site some of my bone cells might still be the ones I was born with, as they can live up to 30 years. Let us stop and think about that. Just about ever cell in my body has died and been replaced already, some countless times already. No wonder I can feel like a totally different person from day to day!

Anyway that was not the point of this post. The point is every living thing we see around us, other people, pets, plants, etc, are all themselves made of smaller living things. So why can't it go the other way? I say Earth is alive! Every person, animal and plant is one of its living cells. This is not a new idea in and of itself. I have heard for awhile now about the Gaia Theory. Now I haven't really researched into this theory all that much, but I do know that its overall statement is that the planet Earth is a living thing.

I don't really have more to say about it right now. Just wanted to get the idea out there.

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