Saturday, November 28, 2009

Excerpt of horror 2

Carter stood before the largest most massive set of double doors that he had ever seen and wondered yet again if this wasn't all just some horrible dream. But his legs were too sore and he was too unsteady on them after that never ending descent of stairs. Here at the foot of those colossal stairs was a truly gigantic cavern whose only feature Carter could see was these odd doors.

They had to be over a hundred feet tall and at least sixty feet wide. The two doors fit so closely together that Carter couldn't even fit a hair into the crack between the doors. And the stone they were made out of was like nothing he had seen or heard about. Some sort of blue and white stone with bits of crystalline green speckled throughout and all it strangely luminescent. For that matter Carter couldn't determine where any of the light was coming from but he had not trouble seeing. It was just another strange dream like quality that seem to be his reality now.

Covering the entire surface of the doors was strange carved symbols that were like nothing he had ever seen. Somehow he knew they were strange foreign languages long since forgotten and completely undiscovered by archaeologists. He saw on the doors what looked like literally hundreds of different languages, based on the variety of their symbols. But no where could Carter see any mechanism to open these massive doors leaving him with an overwhelming sense of awe and horrific dread at the beings that had the strength to move these massive stone doors.


I was going to write more but I just can't seem to find the words anymore tonight. I have no idea if this is the same story as the other excerpt of horror I wrote. Anyway I hope enjoy it. Feel free to leave any ideas or comments about what I've wrote.


  1. lots of nothing he had seen before :-p kind of makes you lose focus... didn't seem all that horrific all by itself either, so it must be part of the other one :-p

  2. Unless I missed it I actually only said something he had never seen before twice, which doesn't qualify as lots in my book. I suppose in this little excerpt it does seem excessive though.

    In the context of the rest of the story it shouldn't be so disfocusing as it is in this excerpt. Also this exceprt in itself isn't that horrific but the rest of the story in my mind is.

    The whole idea of this excerpt was to make the reader wonder what is behind the giant doors and also what creatures might have made these doors and carved all those different languages and what they might mean. And what is the purpose of doors that large, and the never ending stairs the character had descended, somethign barely mentioned in this excerpt I know, but it is what is right before this scene in the over all story. I didn't write that part because it wasn't as important to the story as the doors themselves are.

    Admittedly the excerpt might have done its job better if I had wrote a little more of it.