Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UFOs in the skies over Moscow..

Okay, not really, but there was a funky weather phenomenon that caused a strange halo like cloud formation over Moscow some time last week I guess. And many people have many different theories about what it really is. I don't care really but it does give me a chance to talk about the general theory of intelligent life from across the stars coming to visit Earth.

I know there are more theories as to the potential motivation of aliens coming to Earth then there are people that actually believe in alien life coming to Earth. Okay that might be a slight exaggeration but the point is there are lots of theories. I just have one question though. Why would they want to visit this back water mess of a planet? There is nothing here worth seeing if you come from an advanced society with the technology to travel the stars. Farther more chances are good they would do exactly what we do to explore in planets, send robotic probes first.

So all those little bug eyed grey men in popular culture are all wrong as far as I'm concerned, unless that's the form of robotics from whatever culture made them and sent them out. At which point the supposed abductions are likely biological experimentations much like we might try to capture new species of life found in the rainforests or something for study. Or like how NASA is trying to find any signs of life on Mars with its robotic probes might be a more apt example.

Anyway the point is that I personal believe that there is life out there among the stars but I see no real reason why said life would actually come here. After all we are a very violent planet and distrust strangers of our own specie let alone ones from outer space. And that's something I would think these aliens would be able to monitor before ever coming down to our planet. But what do I really know?

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