Monday, October 12, 2009

Story Challenge part 3

Okay, I know it has been awhile since I wrote parts 1 and 2 to this story, and just now I realized that the last paragraph of part 2 for some reason did not get posted so I will start there and try to finish off the story now. Also I realize that I don't think I can come back to tie any of this into the original paragraph I was given as the challenge, so I guess in many ways I have failed this challenge. Be that as it may though I like this story and plan to finish it here. So let's begin.

But the strong giants did hear the screams of the wounded and stopped their sport to go defend their young and elderly. And our people had to flee the battle for they had already accomplished what they had set out to do that day. Now Xanchentes climbed up on one of the many big rocks that had been hurled at him and did let loose another mighty roar. And then he said this to the giants, "My name is Xanchentes and I am pack leader of my people. We have come out like ghosts and slain many of your young and elderly this day. We will continue to be like ghosts and slay all of you until you are no more and we can live at peace again in our homes. If you value your lives flee from these lands now for we will come back again and again until all of you that remain are slain."

Now back into the forest our people fled and Brother Wolf did find them again and when their story they did tell to him he had this to say, "I am pack leader of many wolves and today you put our teachings to great use but our ways are not the ways of war. For they are the ways of hunting, and when hunting we do not wish to slay all our prey for then we would have nothing left to hunt and would starve. As pack leader I am first among the pack and get the choicest meats from our prey. However the position of pack leader is not one of luxury. It is the responsibility of the pack leader to look out for the well being of the pack. If the pack starves then they will be too weak to hunt and then the pack leader would have no meats to choose from in the first place. He must always make sure the pack is well fed and taken care of before he himself rest...

Sorry folks. I allowed myself to be distracted by something and now my mind is a total blank on what I was going to write. I guess I'll have to finish tomorrow or another day

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