Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Regret not a Life Spent

The ghosts of decisions past
Haunt my waking dreams
In a trance I wander through life

Jack in the box sprung
Can't turn back now
Onward through life I trudge

Knuckles dragging, back bent
Put to task, over hot coals walking
A life less interesting there is not

Spin around, arms out
Fall down and stare up
Clouds drifting by, rabbits in the sky

A lone tree in a forest
A lone wolf in a pack
A fish swimming against the stream

NAO 10/28/2009

Do any of these short random poems I write mean anything to any of my readers? Do they speak to you in any way?

I often seem to have only the vaguest of ideas, if indeed I have any, while I'm writing theses as to what they might be trying to say. Mostly I'm just letting words flow through my fingers and the keyboard and let them do all the talking for themselves. Anyway I was just curious what people might think of these odd poems I write.

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