Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Okay, so I'm not sure why I forgot to write a post before I went to bed last night. I even had an idea at the time about what I wanted to post, which of course I can't remember now. So instead I guess I'll just tell you what I was doing all last night.

I was playing around in Photoshop designing a new theme for my iPhone. I still have plenty of work to do, mostly because I'm not happy with the icons I made last night completely. And that has a lot to do with the fact that I'm not very good at drawing in Photoshop yet. I have lots of fun messing around and making what is essentially colorful backgrounds, but when it comes to actually drawing something I'm no good.

For those that don't know, on a jail broken iPhone or iPod Touch (hacked iPhone or iPod that can run third party apps that Apple doesn't allow on their App Store) you can get an app called WinterBoard that allows you to change all the system images and sounds. Some themes go so far as to even change all menu colors and what not. Most just change the icons for the apps and the background so its not just a boring black.

I like the background I created yesterday but I need to work on the icons a bit more I think. And I also want to change the battery charging images and the lock screen images. The lock screen background is the one thing you can change on a normal iPhone, but I also want to change the slider image and stuff like that. That is a screen capture of what my iPhone currently looks like. As always comments and ideas are welcome.

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