Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excerpt of horror

So driving into work today I suddenly had this scene for a horror story in my head. I tried to write it down as soon as I could and typed it up here for you guys to read. It needs some work still and I don't even have a story idea in mind for it, but I like the scene so here it is. Enjoy.
The thing stood about three feet tall at its bony shoulders. Its dark skin, looking to small and stretched taunt over its wrong looking skeleton, had patches of long fur randomly covering it, giving it a rather odd mottled appearance that was most unsettling. It had the skeletal frame of a feline, but one as drawn by a child who has only ever seen the most god awful excuse of a starving diseased alley cat.

Its snarling visage reminded me of nothing but the most vulgar evil demented Cheshire car. Only this is no Wonderland and I’m no Alice. Even while hacking and coughing and vomiting up some strange gray fleshy like sack, that seems way to large to come out of this abomination, that snarling grin never left its face, and its eyes never left mine.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end when I noticed that whatever was in that strange flesh sack was moving. The creature to one side of the freshly vomited object, with that demented grin of a snarl still, staring at me with its cold unnatural eyes. Its over large fleshy ears perked seemed to be scanning the area for any threats.

Just then a strange muffled howl arose from the vomited sack and a sound similar to that of a chef honing his knives as whatever was inside started to stretch and tear the fleshy material of the sack.

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