Monday, October 26, 2009

The Evils of existence

So yeah, I forgot to post anything last night because yesterday was just a weird day for me.

Here is a brief look at the classic problem of YHWH's supposed love and power versus the existence of evil. I've never really read any of the classic arguments in this long debated topic so I'm sure there are other out there that know more about this than me. My understand of the problem is this: If YHWH is all powerful and all loving as Christians would have us believe why does evil exist. The classic response to this from the Christians is because he gave us free will and we choose to do evil to each other.

I'm sure I'll come back more in depth on this topic at some later time. But for now I want to let you think about this simple analogy: Suppose there is a puppy that chews on your favorite shoes everyday, and you punish this puppy and try to show it that chewing on your shoes is wrong, but everyday it chews them again. Who is at fault here? The puppy for doing what it wants or you for not training it better in the first place?

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